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Salary's $35,000 to $99,000, but where do you live?


His family income is about $55,000. He said he can't afford a new car or a nice vacation.

"I define myself as middle class," said Jeff Mose, 38, a marketing director at WJHU radio, strolling through The Gallery.

Asked to come up with a dollar figure for this group, Mr. Mose said $35,000 to $99,999 for a household.

He recalled discussing the same topic with a friend from New York who feared his six-figure salary was the target of congressional tax writers. "He said, 'They want to tax me,' " recalled Mr. Mose.

Now renting an apartment in Mount Washington, Mr. Mose and his wife hope to buy a house and have children. But he wonders if they can offer their children the middle-class upbringing he enjoyed.

He is uncertain where the tax relief should fall but feels salary should not be the only tax gauge. Where the wage earner lives should be taken into account. "Some of these things have to be taken into consideration," he said, noting that a six-figure salary in New York City doesn't have the same earning power as it does in a small Midwest city.

"There has to be a formula," he said, "rather than a carte blanche."

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