MINNEAPOLIS -- By most counts, Joe Gibbs'...


MINNEAPOLIS -- By most counts, Joe Gibbs' Washington Redskins staff has a significant edge over Marv Levy's Buffalo Bills staff. But not by Levy's count.

"They have a superb coaching staff," Levy said of the Redskins. "But so do we. I'll measure my coaching staff against any in the league."

Among the key issues is whether the Redskins can make defensive substitutions on the fly against the Bills' no-huddle offense. Redskins defensive coordinator Richie Petitbon thinks they can. Bills offensive coordinator Ted Marchibroda is banking that they can't.

Petitbon also has to decide whether to put Darrell Green, his best cornerback, on Andre Reed (10 TDs) or the quicker James Lofton (18.8 yards per catch).

The Bills must be able to stop the run, meanwhile. The Redskins are likely to run right behind left tackle Jim Lachey and right at end Bruce Smith. If the Bills can't stop that, they probably can't win.

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