New center proposed to teach values


With the general premise that good values make for good workers, the Baltimore Regional Council of Governments is working to make Baltimore more economically competitive by creating a center to promote the teaching of values.

The plan grew out of a report by leaders of local businesses, religious groups and other organizations who studied the importance of values to commerce. The group, called the Task Group on Community Values: Workforce 2000, was an outgrowth of a 1990 conference organized by the council.

"We have a vision for this community . . . as a remarkable center of commerce," said Dr. Mary Ellen Saterlie, a retired associate superintendent of the Baltimore County schools, co-chairwoman of the 23-member group that prepared the report.

The center, which would be at Notre Dame College, would

provide materials and services to schools about teaching values and would organize seminars and other educational efforts, Dr. Saterlie said.

"Honesty and quality in services, products and practices provida competitive edge in the economy," the report concluded. "When embraced by a total community or region, strong moral principles which have stood the test of time empower each person and provide the base for a thriving economy."

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