Seventeen contributions were made in 1991 to the Wellness Community's Tree of Hope.

The mission of the non-profit organization is to help as many cancer patients as possible to recover to the greatest extent possible without letting money or insurance forms get in the way.

The Tree of Hope will eventually feature 200 founders of the Wellness Community and will become a permanent memorial in the new facility when opened in the spring of this year.

A pledge of $1,000 allows contributors a spot on the tree.

A total of $17,900 has been donated to the cause by doctors, businesses and individuals in the county. They are : First Annapolis Bank, C&P; Telephone Pioneer Club, Dr. and Mrs. G. William Adams, Gamma Lambda Chapter-Beta Sigma Phi, Brown, Croft and Frazier P.A., T & J Investors, Mils & Stockbridge, N. Bryson and Linda Goss, Dr. and Mrs. James Reinig, Thomas R. Bach, Ercoleand Marie Dilaura, W. Ray Huff and Associates, Elana R. Byrd, W. Calvin Gray Jr., Steele and Faust, M.D., Central Anne Arundel Kiwanis Club and Baltimore Gas and Electric Co.

The Wellness Community, is looking for contributions for the "Tree of Hope" to raise $200,000 to open a facility in Anne Arundel County.

Once opened, the center will help cancer patients learn to fight for recovery on the psychological and social front along with their doctors and health-care team.

The Wellness Community is looking for donors to contribute $1,000 or more to the center. Contributors names or organizations will be placed on the tree, which will be placed in the new center.

Once the Wellness Community site is opened, cancer patients can attend free support groups, lectures and presentations on stress management, nutrition, pain control, relaxation techniques and biofeedback as well as other subjects patients can use to actively fight their cancer.

Group meetings help participants consider new and different methods for coping.

Whether you are an individual looking to donate in the name of a loved one, a community organization, a civic club or a corporation, contact the Wellness Community.

For more information on the Wellness Community or to contribute, call Katherine Smith at 987-9299.

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