From: William L. Stone



Holy Family House Inc.

The recent articles in The Harford County Sun about the plight of homeless families in Harford County were most interesting and timely. The articles that appeared Dec. 15 and 29focused much-needed attention on the critical shortage of housing for homeless families.


Mention was made of the important role Echo House is playing in combating the problem by providing transitional housing for homeless families. Echo House is performing an outstanding service, and it deserves commendation and support.

Noting that Echo House opened its doors in August 1991, you stated that it is the only shelter in the county that accepts families having two parents.

The fact is, however, Holy Family House also provides transitional housing for homeless families, including those with two parents. It has been in continuous operation since its opening in January 1989. During that time, Holy Family House has accommodated 18 families. As it happens, only two of those referred to us had both parents. The otherfamilies were made up of mothers with children.

Holy Family Houseexists to help families in crises get back on their feet and find more permanent housing. Advocates work closely with the families to assist them to regain independence, including such steps as enrolling injob-training courses. No rent is charged for three months to enable the families to accumulate enough funds to pay the costs of obtainingfuture housing, such as security deposits and the first month of rent.

Holy Family House is sponsored by the Episcopal churches of Harford County and is governed and staffed by volunteers. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization and is qualified by the IRS to receive tax donations. There are no restrictions on homeless families in regard to race, religion, or creed. Referrals are accepted from any clergy or human service agency in the county.


From: Otho Carlton Wolfe



I read your recent editorial about the recycling, "Time to stop trashing recycling and get it in the bag," Jan. 12, and it brought to mind some thoughts that I would liketo share with you. Recycling is not new. We have been recycling talkfor many years. I think in politics it's referred to as rhetoric.

Over the past umpteen years many conscientious groups have tried to recycle paper and other scrap, only to be told that the market doesn't want it now, but just hand on to it until the market turns around. Just ask some Scout folks whose garages were full of recyclables.

There are many people who are willing to save up their recyclables, load them into their Mercedes or Toyota and drive many miles to a recycling center, consuming Mideast petroleum, and possibly donating the 33 cents that they get for the recyclables, to be recycled by the recycle center.

Recycling is a great theory, but will only be carriedout when someone can make a profit from it. Just ask some of the trash haulers and scrap dealers who have declared themselves millionaires.

Keep up the good work and making some of the local politicians very nervous. That's what the first amendment is all about.



From: Maggie Green


First of all, I wishyou all a happy 1992.

Then I wish . . .

Harford's schools go back to teaching only the basics.

Comcast Cablevision not increase the cost of its cable service again.


Something be done soon to improve Willoughby Beach Road.

The Harford County Board of Education save more than $45,000 a year by reappointing Superintendent Ray Keech on a half-time basis.

Harford County's employees continue to show their dedication to their jobs in the face of the budget crunch andnot duplicate the immaturity of some educators who implemented a work slow-down when they didn't get raises.

An adequate Adequate Public Facilities law be passed in spite of some self-serving protesters and interest groups.

The person who called in the bomb scare during Jeffrey Wilson's fund-raiser be apprehended and his name published so everyone will know who the dirty sneak is.

More vocational-technical schools be built.


People realize that pouring money into oureducation system will not solve its problems.

Forward Step wins its zoning appeal case and continues to operate a shelter in Edgewood.

The Route 543 elementary school be named the Charles W. Willis Elementary School.

Government programs be prioritized to help the physically and mentally disabled before they help those persons with self-induced problems (such as substance abuse).

All future low-income housing be built in Fallston.

The leaking roof at the Edgewood Library be repaired.


Opponents of the United Methodist Board of Child Care plan to build a facility in Fallston never have the need forsuch a facility.

The Maryland State Police be made to share theirvehicles with the disabled, handicapped and others who also want to protest special program budget cuts in Annapolis but do not have the use of vehicles bought and paid for by tax dollars.

All Edgewood High School students be transferred to Fallston schools and all Fallston High School students be transferred to Edgewood schools. Then let the students decide if there is a difference.

All Harford County elected officials file their financial disclosure reports at the localelection board and not in Annapolis.

The development envelope in Harford County not be expanded to accommodate special interest groups.

The person or persons who cut down the tree planted by Bel Air Elementary School students in honor of a deceased classmate, if caught, be tarred and feathered.


The Harford County Democratic Central Committee hold regular monthly, advertised, open meetings in a public place.

The Susquehanna River can continue to supply enough water for Harford County's use when BG&E; taps into the Big Inch Pipeline anduses millions of gallons of water for the proposed power plant in Perryman.