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The Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association's annual Region II and Region III awards presentation, Saturday at the Gibson Island Club, was the occasion for breaking suspense.

Many of the prestigious overall divisional trophies were presented, and dozens of high scorers inthe 1991 High Point competition were congratulated.

Annapolis sailor Larry Kumins received the Lady Anne Arundel Trophy, awarded to the top county skipper in High Point scoring.

Kumins, whose season with his Contessa 34 PollyWannaCracka? was one of tight competition and close shaves in both directions, topped out the PHRF B Region III division with a score of 0.8422, reflecting a very high performance quotient.

High Point scoring is based on a mathematical relationship between actual performance and the best performanceit would have been possible to attain had every race entered been won. Sailors who complete a sufficient number of races are allowed to drop their worst scores from consideration, and bonus points for distance races apply in many classes.

The 1991 Labrot Trophy is awardedto the top scorer in the Handicap Division including all four PHRF classes in each of the four CBYRA regions, MORC, Multihull and the several IMS divisions. It went this year to Baltimore sailors Willard and Paul Scott for their work in PHRF C Region I with Haiku.

Competition for this was close, with a number of excellent qualifiers in consideration at the top of each of the classes. The system for determining an overall divisional winner is far less forgiving than that for determining the High Point standings, because scoring for the Labrot,as well as the other divisional trophies, does not allow for throwouts or bonus points.

At the top of the Cruising One-Design divisionand earning the J.F. Healy Award was the team of David Lewis of Annapolis and Fred Salvesen of Edgewater on their J/29 Mirage.

This dynamic duo and their dedicated crew were tough and active contenders in both the J/29 and MORC classes during the year, and in J/29s they managed to outperform some particularly skilled and difficult competition to earn this important honor.

In addition to these trophies, the Corinthian Cask Improvement Award was presented to the syndicate of Paul DeWolf and William Wade of Seaford, Del., for their performance with Evolution.

The Evolution team was up to ninth in the 1991 PHRF A High Point standings from their 1990 position in 27th.

The One-Design Division overall award has not yet been announced, because some class scores, including the Junior Single- and Double-Handed andTempests, are still provisional, and the final scoring cannot be completed until these are confirmed.

Top performers in Annapolis RaceWeek last September also received awards at the ceremony.

Winningthe City of Annapolis Trophy for best overall performance was the St. Mary's College team aboard the school's Briand 50 Gem. This was hardly surprising, because of the more than 200 boats entered in 15 classes in the three-day regatta, the Gem team was the only crew to ace all three of their PHRF A class races.

The St. Mary's team, led by Waterfront director Mike Ironmonger of Annapolis, also earned the Calvert Trophy for best performance by an Anne Arundel County yacht, andthe Silhouette Trophy for best in the PHRF fleet.

The Crossland Trophy, for best in the cruising one-design division of the regatta, went to Arnold sailor Derick Lynch for his excellence with his Catalina 27 Swell.

Lynch got the winner's gun in both of the races in which his class was scored.

Best performer in the IMS division and winner of the Trig Bowl was Bucentaur, a team effort headed by Steve Stunda and Ian Chambers, sailing to a pair of bullets and an eighth in the IMS II division for the regatta.

One-design High Point results

Albacore (3 qualifiers): 1) David Wallerstein, Washington, 0.864;2) Daphne Byron, Silver Spring, 0.782; 3) Robert Bear, Falls Church,Va., 0.638.

Comet (1 qualifier): 1) Barry Gately, Annapolis, 0.706.

El Toro (8 qualifiers): 1) Ian Burman, Annapolis, 1.033; 2) Harold Muma, Baltimore, 0.965; 3) Brian Taliaferro, Arlington, Va., 0.804.

Flying Scot (0 qualifiers).

Hampton One-Design (8 qualifiers): 1) Charles McCoy, Norfolk, Va., 1.016; 2) Latane Montague, Alexandria, Va., 0.951; 3) Edward Wolcott, Norfolk, Va., 0.911.

International 470 (3 qualifiers): 1) Gordon Cutler, Chevy Chase, 0.932; 2) Timothy Drake, Dunkirk, 0.792; 3) Meredith Horan, Washington Grove, 0.599.

International 5-0-5 (6 qualifiers): 1) Henry Amthor, Hampton, Va., 1.017; 2) Alexander Meller, Alexandria, Va., 0.998; 3) Macy Nelson, Baltimore, 0.945.

Jet 14 (0 qualifiers).

Junior Single-Handed (14 qualifiers, provisional results): 1) Gregory Miernicki, SevernaPark, 0.725; 2) Jonathan Wasserman, Centreville, 0.656; 3) Neil Smith, Edgewater, 0.651.

Junior Double-Handed (3 qualifiers, provisional results): 1) William Brockenbrough, Norfolk, Va., 0.728; 2) Lara New, Norfolk, Va., 0.401; 3) H. Denninghoff (address unavailable).

Laser (3 qualifiers): 1) Gary Smith, Alexandria, Va., 0.853; 2) John Macielag, Towson, 0.584; 3) John Wyman, Chestertown, 0.509.

Laser II (0 qualifiers).

Lightning (3 qualifiers): 1) Fred Mertes, Annapolis, 0.841; 2) Simeon Coxe, Annapolis, 0.787; 3) David Perry, Alexandria, Va., 0.356.

Mobjack (4 qualifiers): 1) Mark Arnold, VirginiaBeach, Va., 1.043; 2) James Rice, Newport News, Va., 0.946; 3) Charles Smith, Virginia Beach, Va., 0.920.

Optimist (13 qualifiers): 1)Stephen Miernicki, Severna Park, 0.837; 2) Karl Schneider, Annapolis, 0.728; 3) Ian Burman, Annapolis, 0.702.

Penguin (0 qualifiers).

Rainbow (3 qualifiers): 1) Peter Gookin, Arnold, 0.998; 2) Thomas Richardson, Severna Park, 0.944; 3) Robert Mewhinney, Annapolis, 0.876.

Snipe (3 qualifiers): 1) Roger Link, Harwood, 0.854; 2) Eric Purdon, Harwood, 0.593; 3) Nikos Singelis, Washington, 0.428.

Star (7 qualifiers): 1) Craig Coltharp, Stevensville, 0.998; 2) John Vanderhoff, Havre de Grace, 0.939; 3) Jonathan Bartlett, Sherwood Forest, 0.878.

Sunfish (0 qualifiers).

Tempest (3 qualifiers, provisional results): 1) Thomas O'Hara, Alexandria, Va., 0.919; 2) David Lavis,Arnold, 0.725; 3) Edgar Hoyt, Annapolis, 0.663.

Thistle (1 qualifier): 1) John Quay, College Park, 0.600.

Windmill (0 qualifiers).

Nancy Noyes is a member of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association and has been racing on the bay for about five years. Her Sailingcolumn appears every Wednesday and Sunday in The Anne Arundel CountySun.

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