Move to CantonBecause it is obviously unfair...

Move to Canton

Because it is obviously unfair that the home team wins 70 percent of the NFL conference championship games, it is essential that these games be played in a neutral location. The only problem would be choosing that location. I think I have thought of a solution.


The NFL should endeavor to construct a stadium where all postseason games could be played. It could assemble a committee to study the possible locales and decide on a place that is fair. Canton, Ohio, the home of the Hall of Fame, would be my choice.

The stadium could be designed on a mammoth scale. Seating for 250,000 should do the trick. The most modern facilities available could be installed. For seats that are far away from the playing field, small television monitors could be incorporated in the backs of the seats. There could be restaurants in the $H complex, along with bars and shops for use during the time when there is no football being played. Heck, they could make the whole thing a shopping mall when it's not being used for football.


The NFL should consider this idea. It could be a tremendous source of income outside of football, and it would end all the bickering about home-field advantages taking the mystery out of a given game's eventual outcome. It would also stop the bidding process for the right to host the Super Bowl.

Joseph Vavra


Support the Blast

I would just like to thank the Baltimore Blast organization, the players and the fans. I am an avid soccer fan, and it was somewhat disappointing to see crowds of only 6,000 people in the beginning of the season.

However, Blast fans have come out to support their home team in crowds of more than 10,000 each of the past two games. The players, realizing that they had the opportunity to showcase the game of indoor soccer to thousands of people, responded with two thrilling wins. These two wins over St. Louis and Dallas created a magical atmosphere in the Arena, which, hopefully, will have people returning to watch more games.

In addition, the Blast organization responded by having the players remain on the field to sign autographs and having them throw out balls after the games. Both the organization and the players really do appreciate all of the fans for supporting them.

Indoor soccer is truly an exciting game, and I hope that fans continue to support the Baltimore Blast.


Lisa Hanle


Lax on lacrosse

I am wondering why The Sun has given lacrosse such a low priority in its sports coverage.

The Baltimore Thunder is quite competitive in the professional league. The Baltimore area colleges consistently participate in the NCAA Final Four competition. The area high schools are hotbeds for recruiting by all Division I universities, and high schools have a far greater spectator participation than any other spring sport, yet baseball gets the top billing by your paper.

If lacrosse is a candidate for the official Maryland state sport, it should receive far better coverage than it now does by the state's leading newspaper. Reader interest is there, please address it.


Maurice LaPointe


Stop bickering

During the past several weeks, I have been disturbed by all of the bickering that has occurred between Baltimore Colts fans and Washington Redskins fans who live in the area. For example, some fans are pleased that Redskins games are televised each Sunday in Baltimore on Channel 11, while many others are not. Who cares?

The only issue people should be concerned about right now is whether or not our beloved Baltimore metropolitan area is going to get an NFL expansion team in 1994. "Super Saturday," the day before the Super Bowl, when tickets go on sale for the exhibition game here, is just around the corner. We, the natives of this area, need to sell out this game quickly if Baltimore is to have any chance of getting a team. Just think, we will be able to see NFL action each Sunday live rather than having to watch it on TV.

Let's stop the bickering and complaining! Let's sell out the exhibition game as quickly as we can come "Super Saturday"!


Anthony J. DiVenti Jr.


No respect

What is happening to the Orioles organization? They treat the mini-season ticket holders with less and less respect each season. My wife and I have been 13-game season ticket holders for the past three years. As far back as in the 1990 mini-plan order form, "Priority Seating" for the new ballpark was promised based on the date the order was received.

And now to show the "priority" we are receiving for being a valued fan and mini-season ticket holder for several seasons we find ourselves with a letter stating that although we have six 13-game plans we may enter a lottery and possibly win the right to buy one pair of opening game tickets. However, first-time 29-game season-ticket holders are guaranteed an Opening Day seat! We were never informed that opening day tickets were a definite for 29-game plans and "chancy" at best for the 13-game plans. Apparently, they decided to change the system mid-stream and no longer issue Opening Day priority based on loyalty or duration of season-ticket participation.

We feel that the Orioles' organization is failing to honor an implied promise and is failing to stand behind the fans that have supported them through the years, good and bad. We know there are other fans who also feel mistreated and we would like to encourage them to speak out. The Orioles' organization may get the message and show the true fans the loyalty we deserve.


Ken Rosenbaum

Silver Spring