On a bright spring day last year, an Indian woman calling herself Savitri Nanan Nageshwar walked into the Glen Burnie Luskin's store, where a 52-inch television set caught her eye.

The price of the television, together with a Mitsubishi videocassette recorder and matchingstand, came to $2,570. She applied and was approved for a Luskin's credit card. The items were delivered to an apartment on Sentry Circlein Odenton.

Six months later, Savitri Nanan Nageshwar, also known as Savitri Radha Abdulaziz and a dozen other aliases, had not made a payment. She told creditors that she was moving to Baltimore and to send a new bill to an address there.

The bill came back "no such address."

When officials at Luskin's credit company began checking into her charge application, they found all the information on the form except her first name was false, police records show.

According to police and court records, the scenario is a typical one for the woman whose real name is Savitri Radha Nanan Abdulaziz. All told, the 30-year-old woman faces 41 charges of theft, writing bad checks or applying for credit cards with false identification in Anne Arundel County. Prince George's and Baltimore County also have warrants for her arrest on bad-check charges, records show.

So far, she has managed to avoid going to court on any of her charges here and has only been arrested three times in the county, police and court records show. Judges in this county have issued bench warrants for her arrest because she has missed three trial dates.

County police Detective Kevin Falls Falls said he does not know how she was released. She was last scheduled for a Dec. 11 trial, but failed to appear.

Falls said he estimates Abdulaziz's total booty for last year at about $185,000 in cash and property.

"She's very slick," Falls said. "She knows the credit cardsystem in and out."

She was arrested first on July 11, 1990, at the Bank of Glen Burnie, on an outstanding warrant from Prince George's County. According to charging documents, Abdulaziz was using the bank, along with Citizen's National Bank, in a check kiting scheme.

County police Detective Robert Anderson and charging documents say Abdulaziz opened an account at the Bank of Glen Burnie under the name of Radha Abdulaziz. She opened a second account at Citizen's National Bank using the name of Savitri Nanan. She used two different driver'slicenses, charging documents said.

"She would deposit checks fromone account to another and then write checks against them before they could clear," Anderson said, "making it look like she was two different people."

She managed to get $2,626.50 from the banks, court records show.

The day after she was arrested, she got an Annapolis bondsman to post her $1,500 bond. Her trial was scheduled for Oct. 26, 1990, but was postponed until Feb. 13, 1991; Abdulaziz sent letterssigned by what appears to be a fictitious army sergeant saying she was stationed in Saudi Arabia for 18 months.

The courts caught on to her scheme and issued warrants for her arrest.

Meanwhile, other charges accumulated.

On Aug. 6, 1991, she was arrested again by uniformed officers who, at Falls' request, had been on the lookout for her. They caught her as she was pulling out of a Dunkin' Donuts on Annapolis Road in Severn.

Inside her purse, Falls said he found seven credit cards using different variations of her name. He said he also found three cards belonging to her former employer's company, a Jessup auto parts store. The company owner said he didn't know she had the cards.

The store owner, who asked that his name or the name of his company not be used, said Abdulaziz worked for him as a receptionist from April to July of last year.

Falls said the applications came in the mail to the company preapproved, and she just signed them and mailed them back. When the bills came, she threw them away.

The store owner also said Abdulaziz "told me that her mother had died and she needed money for burial. She was weeping and I lent her $1,200. She never paid me back."

Abdulaziz was released after her Aug. 6arrest on personal recognizance.

Falls did not know that Abdulaziz had two other American Express cards that had been issued to her under her employer's name.

She took a trip to Florida last August onthe cards. At Disney World, she charged at least $1,000 in clothing and souvenirs to her boss' American Express cards.

Abdulaziz also is charged with writing six bad checks totaling $508.79 to Jamesway Department store in Severn between April 28 and May 5, 1990.

At Odenton Pharmacy, she cashed two checks she had stolen from her former employer, totaling over $4,000, Falls said.

She was arrested a third time Sept. 16, police records show. She told detectives then that her boyfriend was a drug dealer and he made her do all these things with the credit cards, police records said. She said she was afraid to tell him no, the records said.

Falls, who is still looking to charge her in the Luskin's case, said she has moved out of her Glen Burnie apartment and has put a lot of her belongings in a storage facilityin Prince George's County.

Anyone who has any information about Savitri Abdulaziz should call Falls at 222-6155.

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