Boy, do they deliverWhen Walter Shane wants...


Boy, do they deliver

When Walter Shane wants pizza, he orders it from any one of a number of restaurants. Then he waits. Days.

Mr. Shane lives on St. Paul Island in the Pribilofs, in the middle of the Bering Sea about 750 miles southwest of his favorite pizza parlor.

It can take three days for Mr. Shane, his wife, Julie, and their 8-year-old daughter, Martha, to satisfy their cravings.

"It is just a normal thing now," Ms. Shane said recently as she waited for three pizzas and 24 McDonald's hamburgers to arrive on the next Reeve Aleutian Airways flight from Anchorage.

"French fries don't travel well, but pizzas always do great," she said.

Mr. Shane said the cost of getting pizza to the Pribilofs is the

cost of the pizza plus $23 for shipping.

This fella just won't do

Embarrassed Colorado wildlife experts called off an attempt to reduce the beaver population with the long-acting contraceptive Norplant when they found out their first specimen was male.

Television cameras rolled last week to record the first operation to implant the birth-control device in a beaver. Beaver have become a nuisance in the Wheat Ridge suburb of Denver by gnawing trees and burrowing under paths.

The beaver had been anesthetized before veterinarian David Robinson made a last-minute examination and declared, "It's a male."

Norplant, which the Food and Drug Administration approved for use by women in December 1990, consists of six matchstick-sized capsules inserted into the arm above the elbow. It's effective for about five years.

The plan was an attempt to limit the number of beaver without killing them, said Nick Fisher of Wheat Ridge's animal and park enforcement department. It was put on hold until a female beaver can be found.

Too many wives spoil the troth

A cab driver who pleaded guilty to a bigamy charge is three divorces shy of settling down with his latest sweetheart.

"Three more divorces, then it'll be just him and me," nurse Nancy Martz said after her intended, Larry J. McMillan, was fined $781 and sentenced to three years probation Monday.

Three of his wives contend he owes them more than $18,000. They were just a few feet away in 3rd District Court in Salt Lake City, when Ms. Martz made her comment.

"She'd better make sure I'm divorced from him first," said one wife.

Mr. McMillan, 43, was charged with three counts of bigamy but pleaded guilty to one in a deal with prosecutors.

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