County school officials will ask the Maryland Board of Public Works to overturn a state agency's deferral of $13 million in state aid forsix local school construction projects.

The InterAgency Committeefor School Construction approved $4.9 million for two county schoolslast month and planning recognition for one other.

The IAC, however, deferred requests for $13.2 million in state aid or planning recognition for nine additional projects.

The IAC authorized $2.4 million for the western middle school (in addition to $2 million approved in 1991) and $2.5 million for the northeastern elementary last month.

The agency also gave planning recognition, a preliminary step required for state financing, to the northern elementary school planned to open in September 1994 on Route 144.

The state agency deferred requests for planning recognition and $8.7 milliontoward construction of the western high school planned to open in September 1994 and $2.5 million in construction money for the northern elementary school.

Local school officials' requests for reimbursement on four completed projects also got deferrals from the IAC.

The four projects are Oakland Mills High School's new wing, for $905,000, and renovations and additions to Northfield Elementary, $673,000, Centennial Lane Elementary, $275,000, and St. John's Lane Elementary,$275,000.

"Our highest priority is the western high school," saidAssociate Superintendent Sydney L. Cousin.

The school is projected to cost $26.3 million, and county school officials would like to get $8.7 million toward that total from the state.

School board members decided last week not to appeal the IAC's deferral of planning recognition for the 1994 expansion of Longfellow Elementary School, a 10th county high school in 1996 and a second northeastern area elementary school in 1996.

"We're appealing what we think can likely be approved, what we really need right now," Cousin said.

Local schoolofficials had gained one more school on the list when the IAC reversed the recommendation of Executive Director Yale Stenzler and added construction aid for the northeastern elementary school to the list.

The Board of Public Works, made up of the governor, state treasurerand state comptroller, is scheduled to hear appeals from local school systems Jan. 22.

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