Don't be nervous, Terrors there only will be 200 million Russians tuning in

Reading time, two minutes: Far be it from me to place added pressure on Western Maryland, but when the Green Terrors' football team hits the road to take on the national champion Moscow Bears next month, the game will be telecast throughout the (ex) Soviet Union. There's a potential for 200 million viewers, which would make the Super Bowl look like a regional telecast.

* Why, while watching the Washington Redskins obliterate the Detroit Lions on television Sunday, did I keep getting the feeling a turkey should have been roasting in the oven?


* Does it bother any of the NFL worshippers that a typical pro game averages about 120 plays while the collegians run about 150, which amounts to an additional quarter?

* The famed Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards is a fraud when it comes to ski jumping and he should not be included on Great Britain's team headed for the Winter Olympics in France next month. That being said, it can be reported that two of the most electric moments during the 1988 Games in Calgary occurred when this little, near-sighted nerd stood atop the in-run of the 70- and 90-meter towers while 100,000 people cheered wildly below, admiring him for his courage. No sooner would he pray himself down than he'd begin hawking T-shirts.


* Big fight week in the Atlantic City-Philadelphia area, beginning with Marylander Sharmba Mitchell, unbeaten in 25 matches, taking on Rafael Riquez (14-3) at the Taj Mahal in A.C. tonight. Friday, at the same locale, Bruce Seldon beats on Jesse Ferguson in a heavyweight struggle. Thursday, at the Philly Civic Center, Meldrick Taylor goes against Glenwood Brown, Pernell Whitaker tests Harold Brazier and Tony Baltazar and Rodney Moore trade nosebleeds.

* One of the most entertaining sports stories read lately ZTC appeared in a Washington newspaper and concerned the Georgetown basketball team. The lead said something about the Hoyas being a young team (that's good), but not-so-good is the fact the team's "schedule isn't getting any easier." After playing Hawaii Loa, St. Leo's, Berthune-Cookman and UMES for openers, could a schedule possibly get easier?

Probably. After seing DeVry Institute get whipped by Troy State, 258-141, Sunday, chances are Hoyas coach John Thompson will be inviting DeVry aboard his slate for next year.

Speaking of frauds, the numbers run up in Troy, Ala., should not desecrate any record book since the Atlanta school (DeVry) was such a willing participant in allowing the victor to score at will. A player for the losers said, "We tried to play with them for the first two or three minutes, then just decided to have some fun." Losing by 117 points is fun?

* After having a goal-scoring streak of 10 games snapped in New Jersey the other night, Brett Hull should be raring to go when his Blues host the Washington Capitals in St. Louis tonight. The Caps' defense has been porous lately and as any NHL fan knows, Hull can score from almost any spot in the offensive zone, in close, from a severe angle, way out by the blue line, it doesn't matter. Brett has averaged a goal a game for the last 2 1/2 seasons.

* If college football ever gets around to conducting a playoff system to unveil a national champion, here's hoping the College Football Association has nothing to do with determining the format. The CFA studied the idea, came up with 43 different plans and ended up deciding on 16 teams with eight games in mid-December, four around New Year's, the semis in mid-January and the final the week before the Super Bowl.

* Does it say something about our society that the Los Angeles Raiders sell far more licensed merchandise than any other NFL team? What is the image of the Raiders? Lawlessness, malcontents, Al Davis, the carpetbagger's carpetbagger, anything for an edge. They account for nearly 27 percent of total team sales while seven teams, including the Indianapolis Colts, account for a combined 3.5 percent.

* Gee, it certainly came as a shock to learn from the District Auditor's office that when he was mayor of Washington, Marion Barry willfully and deliberately circumvented established city contracting procedures to quickly provide $400,000 for a bubble at the Rock Creek Tennis Stadium.


* Joe Pepitone, the once upon a time Yankees first baseman, didn't mind it when a guy in a bar reminded him he's "a washed-up nobody" a couple of times. When he kept at it, 50-year-old Joe, out on a promotional gig for the Yanks, begin duking it out and reportedly held his own taking on three brothers, all in their 20s. The subsequent arrest isn't going to look good on his resume, though.