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Ex-girlfriend tells of murder threat


The former girlfriend of John George Dietz III testified yesterday that she thought he was joking the first time he spoke of killing his parents, and that she suggested that they instead "cut the brake lines on the truck."

But Yvonne Bohn, 22, of Elkridge told a Baltimore County Circuit Court jury that Mr. Dietz seemed serious the second time he spoke of killing the couple who had adopted him and taking over their farm.

And she said she knew her boyfriend had followed through when the bodies of Lillian and John George Dietz Jr. were found Oct. 28, 1990, in the bedroom of their horse farm in the 7700 block of Inwood Road, near Patapsco State Park.

Police said the Dietzes had been shot with a shotgun, beaten in the head and stabbed early on Oct. 25, 1990.

Later that day, "He met me with flowers, a candy bar and a silver bracelet," and said, "We have no money problems now," Ms. Bohn testified.

At the time his parents were killed, Mr. Dietz and Ms. Bohn worked together at his fledgling Round and Round Recycling Co.

Ms. Bohn said she met Mr. Dietz when she moved into the tenant house on the 19-acre farm in August 1990 to tend the stables and horses. She testified that she liked him, but he quickly became obsessed with her and wanted to marry. Ms. Bohn said she found him too possessive and wasn't in love with him.

The 28-year-old defendant, who could be sentenced to death if convicted of murdering his parents, wept as Ms. Bohn described their relationship and renounced a love letter she'd written to him -- saying it was done for the police, who were trying to get an admission of guilt from Mr. Dietz.

Ms. Bohn admitted that Mr. Dietz's parents had fired her from her job at the farm, but denied earlier testimony by prosecution witnesses that she had neglected her duties. Rather, she said she had borne the brunt of his parents' anger whenever Mr. Dietz argued with them.

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