A bitter goodbyeAfter Ron Erhardt was fired...

A bitter goodbye

After Ron Erhardt was fired as an assistant coach by Ray Handley of the New York Giants last week despite 10 years of service with the team, he said he thought Handley was uncomfortable with him because of his long-time relationship with former coach Bill Parcells.


"I feel the situation was very uneasy for him. I think it made him insecure. It's tough being fired when you've been a winner," he said.

Erhardt, who said he didn't have much of a role in the Handley regime, added, "I think I had a lot of things I could have offered."


Handley replied: "I really don't have any comment on that. How he perceived the relationship and I perceived it are coming from totally different perspectives."

They're no longer lowly

Jim Ritcher, the Buffalo Bills' offensive lineman, who was with the Buffalo Bills when they were 2-14 in 1984 and 1985, remembers how his son, John, described his occupation when he was 3 years old in 1985.

MA "My dad plays football for the lowly Buffalo Bills," he said.

An age-old question

After Bobby Ross was hired to replace Dan Henning as head coach of the San Diego Chargers a week ago, owner Alex Spanos said: "Dammit, I hate these changes. I don't want to do this again ever. I hope he's here for the next 20 years."

-! In 20 years, Ross will be 75.

Playing the coaching market


Joe Greene, the defensive line coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers who's a candidate to replace Chuck Noll even though he's been coaching only 5 years, said: "I'm one of those small

corporation stocks. They pay great dividends."

History and her story

In 1977, the late Carroll Rosenbloom fired Chuck Knox as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, supposedly for running a dull offense, even though he won 5 straight division titles. His widow, Georgia Frontiere, hired Knox back last week and said it was tough for Rosenbloom to fire Knox in the first place.

"I was Carroll Rosenbloom's wife. As such, I was privy to certain things. When Chuck was let go, he [Rosenbloom] was in tears. He said: 'Get out of the room, please. I don't want you to see me like this.' That's how much Chuck Knox meant to the Ram family. When Chuck said yes, I felt like crying," she said.

Trading places


When Bills QB Jim Kelly was asked whether Broncos QB John Elway had anything he wanted, he replied he'd like Elway's 4 handicap in golf.

When Elway was asked if Kelly had anything he wanted, he said, "No, and I don't want his hairdo, either."

Is he on the Hall of Fame ballot yet?

Joe Falls, Detroit News columnist, got carried away after after Erik Kramer passed the Detroit Lions to a victory over the Dallas Cowboys last week. He wrote, "I never saw a quarterback throw the ball better than Erik Kramer throughout an entire game and this goes for Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Joe Montana and Dan Marino."