Give Marinovich time King's time is up


Fact: If not for John Elway's miracle finish against the Oilers, there would be three hurry-up offenses in the NFL Final Four.

Opinion: Jerry Glanville would be fun to play for.

Fact: The NFL expects sales of licensed merchandise this fiscal year to be between $1.9 billion and $2 billion.

Opinion: Bill Parcells and Mario Cuomo were separated at birth.

Fact: The Lakers' 6-8 December was their first losing month since March 1979, when Magic Johnson was still at Michigan State.

Opinion: The Miami Hurricanes would beat the Washington Huskies on a neutral field. (And Penn State might beat them both.)

Fact: Southern Cal has produced a high of 36 Super Bowl-winning players, followed by Notre Dame (32) and Penn State (31), according to Sport magazine.

Opinion: Todd Marinovich will be a good NFL quarterback.

Fact: Knicks guard Mark Jackson named his new son Mark Action Jackson II.

Opinion: The Cincinnati Bengals will regret hiring David Shula.

Fact: The Lions haven't beaten the Redskins in 26 seasons.

Opinion: The Broncos will give the Bills a better game than the Lions do the Redskins.

Fact: No Super Bowl has ever included that season's NFL rushing champion.

Opinion: Dunbar home games will outdraw most area college games this winter.

Fact: "We almost needed a Middle East-African summit there," said Egyptian-born Alaa Abdelnaby of the Portland Trail Blazers, after exchanging sour words with Manute Bol.

Opinion: It makes perfect sense for Towson State to go non-scholarship in football.

Fact: John Daly set a PGA Tour driving distance record in 1991, but ranked 186th in accuracy.

Opinion: Cleveland's Mark Price is the NBA's unsung superstar.

Fact: Fifty-four days until the first major-league exhibition game.

Opinion: It makes no sense that Michael Jordan can play basketball in the Summer Olympics and Brian Boitano can't skate in the Winter Olympics.

Fact (From the "You Think You've Got It Rough Dept."): After going 0-11 in football, Prairie View is 0-11 in basketball.

Opinion: We have seen the last of Bernard King as a major force.

Fact: The Olympic ice hockey arena in France will seat only 6,000.

Opinion: "Prince of Tides" was better than "Bugsy."

Fact: The Broncos are 4-0 in AFC championship games.

Opinion: If they make it 5-0, let's cancel the Super Bowl.

Fact: Bob Arum on Riddick Bowe: "He's got no heart. Everyone knows that."

Opinion: The Blue Jays, Red Sox and Yankees have done more than the Orioles to better themselves.

Fact: "I don't think I'm arrogant," says Buddy Ryan.

Opinion: It smacks of blackball that Buddy is still out of a job.

Fact: Losing players in the 1960 AFL championship game got $718.

Opinion: Coppin State is the only local college team with a real shot at making the NCAAs this year.

Fact: Rollie Fingers is only the second relief pitcher to make the Hall of Fame, after Hoyt Wilhelm.

Opinion: The NBA's "All-Never-Been-an-All-Star Team" (excluding rookies): Mitch Richmond, Michael Adams, Otis Thorpe, Charles Oakley, Rony Seikaly.

Fact: "We were tired of ESPN getting all over us," said Orlando Magic forward Jeff Turner after its 17-game losing streak was broken Wednesday.

Opinion: Knicks coach Pat Riley is shutting up a lot of people who said he won in Los Angeles only because he had talent.

Fact: Babe Ruth had the best all-time home run ratio, one for every 11.76 times at bat.

Opinion: This talk of the Yankees needing George Steinbrenner to get back on their feet is revisionist history at its absolute worst.

Fact: Said steroid critic and former Steelers lineman Steve Courson: "I could teach 15-year-old kids in 15 seconds or less how to beat the state-of-the-art [test] and be juiced to the ears."

Opinion: Deion Sanders is, and will always be, a better football player than baseball player.

Fact: Joe Gibbs has won as many playoff games (13) as Vince Lombardi and Weeb Ewbank combined.

Opinion: Seems like a good time to reaffirm that Don Nelson is the best coach in the NBA.

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