The Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation has announced that several grant programs in the performing arts are available.

* The Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest National Jazz Network has a grant of $50,000 to providefinancial and technical assistance to jazz performers in the region.The grant is active through May 1993.

* The National Endowment for the Arts state and regional program has awarded $135,000 to the foundation to support jazz in underservedcommunities. The grant is active through August 1994.

Applications and guidelines are available for the above programs.

* Music andTheatre Program guidelines and applications are available for 1992-1993 for presentations between June 1, 1992, and May 31, 1993. Organizations that present at least three professional touring companies a year, open presentations to the general public and charge admission are eligible to apply.

The grants provide up to 30 percent fee support for any performing artist or company outside the presenter's home state but within the mid-Atlantic region and the Virgin Islands.

Support is available for projects serving rural communities with limited resources and culturally diverse audiences.

* Dance on Tour -- the NEA has awarded the foundation $210,230 for the program, intendedfor non-profit groups engaging out-of-state national and international dancers. Fee support ranges from 15 percent to 30 percent. Supportis for projects taking place between June 1, 1992, and May 31, 1993.Complete applications are due at mid-Atlantic by 5 p.m.,Feb. 3.

For further information, write to the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation, 11Chase St., Suite 2A, Baltimore, 21202.

Information: 539-6656.

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