Wacky sculptural works do have serious side


Howard Community College

"Industrial Strength Textiles and Objects"

"There's a kind of Mardi Gras feel to this exhibit," Fine Arts business director Kasi Campbell says, who notes that John Viles' sculptural pieces often elicit laughter from viewers. One FTC section contains a wacky interior scene with rugs woven of orange and yellow police caution tape, a fluorescent pink floor lamp (its shade a mixture of lime green, orange and pink vegetables), and a hot pink and white "Genuine Imitation Cowhide" chair. Ultimately, however, viewers are forced to come to terms with the serious sides of these works -- the symbolism of the materials and how they affect us and our environment. Through Feb. 7. Call (410) 964-4959. Seascapes, city scapes, tour-de-force still lifes, huge abstract mural pieces and unusual intimate florals populate this exhibit of paintings by 30 members of the prize-winning Baltimore Watercolor Society. Also featured is Patricia Ciricillo's solo show of 12 handmade quilts integrating such materials as metallic yarn and beads with abstract imagery, transforming this traditional art form into something very contemporary. (A fund-raiser for the Our Daily Bread soup kitchen will be held Jan. 17 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.; donations are $25 at the door.) Call (410) 783-0007.

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