The party's over.

It's time to lose those few extra holiday pounds, cut back on the parties and curb that excessive behavior that overtakes many of us between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

As we settle down for the rest of the winter, it's time to look ahead.

Most people make some New Year's resolutions for themselves,and most are forgotten by the end of January.

But sportswriters are lucky.

We can make resolutions for others. (It's safe to say that those, too, will be discarded pretty quickly.)

So, tongue planted firmly in cheek, here are some sports resolutions for 1992:

* Francis Scott Key boys cross country team members resolve to take partin a pre-race course walk at next year's state meet, where they'll perhaps get a better deal from the officials.

* The officials of the state cross country meet resolve to use more common sense. They won't tell coaches that the

first meet at a new site is a learning experience, then penalize athletes and teams when several runners miss a turn by a couple of inches. They will show a little compassion.

* County field hockey teams resolve to win state championships in allfour classifications.

* County football teams resolve to make thestate playoffs. (Next year, a resolution for a playoff victory, perhaps?)

* Earl Hersh, supervisor of physical education and athleticsfor county schools, resolves to improve the economy so high school sports doesn't have to take a major budget hit. The program has been lucky up to now.

* Parents and players on the Westminster High girls basketball team resolve to give new coach Bernie Koontz the supportthat his predecessor deserved, but apparently never received.

* The North Carroll wrestling team resolves to give Coach Dick Bauerleinthe state title he so richly deserves (and what a great opportunity now that the Panthers are competing for the Class 1A/2A title).

* Area track fans resolve to give Westminster coach Bill Hill all the volunteer help he'll need when the state championship meets roll onto the school's campus next May. It's a monumental undertaking.

* County high schools and Western Maryland College resolve to continue being outstanding hosts for state tournaments. WMC's track record is well-known, but the high schools are getting some good reviews, too. Westminster and South Carroll were sites for state football title games in 1990 due to construction at the usual site, and Liberty's job as host of the state girls soccer semifinal won raves from state organizers.

* County boys and girls soccer teams resolve to win a state tournament game or two now that they've established they are good enough to be there in the first place.

* Organizers of the District V tennis tournament resolve to have better organization for the event. Last year's event was beset by some organizational problems that left county coaches scratching their heads in disbelief at times.

* County volleyball fans resolve to help for a recreation power volleyballteam to give county girls a chance to play the sport out of season. It's worked wonders for the Howard County program over the last few years.

* The county commissioners resolve to provide the Recreationand Parks Department with enough money to pay for all requested tot lots and other self-help programs. As it is now, it seems, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

* Users of the Carroll County Sports Complex resolve to stop bickering about the amount of time they have at the facility. Parks Director John Little and his staff don't deserve the grief they've been taking about time allotments at the park.

* County boys basketball teams resolve to return to the glory days of the late 1950s and early 1960s, when county teams qualified for the state tournament more often than once every three or four years. (The good news: County boys might be due for a state tournament appearance this season.)

* State lacrosse officials resolve to give Carroll teams the respect they deserve. Perhaps the strong showing by South Carroll's boys against Dulaney of Baltimore County in last year's statetournament will help.

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