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Recipe requests in full swing for new year


Get out those recipe files! We have requests for a wide variety of recipes.

But first a reminder, Recipe Finder is a reader exchange recipe column. We do not mail recipes, even if you send a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Recipes in Recipe Finder are not tested before they run. That means it's very important to include complete ingredients and directions in any recipe you may send us.

And please print neatly! Recipe Finder has spent many an "entertaining" hour trying to decide if a little squiggle stands for teaspoon or tablespoon or trying to decipher someone's last name.

Recipe Requests

* Connie Stricker of Baltimore is looking for a recipe called Milan Chick Pea Soup.

* Katherine Goloway of Baltimore wants recipes for square blueberry and strawberry cakes, similar to those sold at bakeries.

* Joyce Graham of Baltimore wants the Elvis Presley Pound Cake recipe.

* Barbara Brewer of Baltimore is searching for a sour beef and dumpling recipe. She would also like some tips on making dumplings.

* A Reisterstown reader is looking for a turnip dumpling recipe.

* A cashier at Giant Food Inc.'s White Marsh store is looking for no-bake mincemeat cookies like her grandmother used to make.

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