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B&A; Trail Marathon joins schedule


Runners who are planning their 1992 marathon schedules might want to consider the B&A; Trail Marathon, to be held on March 8 beginning at Severna Park High School.

It is the latest entry among five marathons in the Baltimore-Washington area -- the others being The Last Train to Boston Marathon at Aberdeen, the Washington's Birthday Marathon at Greenbelt, the Marine Corps Marathon at Washington and the North Central Trails Marathon in northern Baltimore County.

"We've talked about it for probably eight months," says Sue Briers of the Annapolis Striders, who will oversee the event. "Most of the Striders' active members are long-distance runners. We thought it was only appropriate that we have a long-distance race."

The marathon comes a day before qualifying times are due for the Boston Marathon and at a time of the year when area runners travel out of state en masse -- to the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, Va., for example -- in search of 26-mile, 385-yard treks.

Briers, who has done the John F. Kennedy 50-miler four times and will do her 17th marathon this month in Chambersburg, Pa., says: "I'm a long-distance nut. I've wanted them [Striders] to do a marathon for a long time, and when they finally came up with the idea, I offered to be the race director."

The course will begin at Severna Park High, follows roads for 3 miles to the B & A Trail, on which it will proceed toward Annapolis for 3.5 miles. It will continue on roads for .65 mile and reverse, continuing on roads back to the trail and proceeding toward Glen Burnie for 12.75 miles. There it reverses and follows the trail back to Robinson Road and to Severna Park High.

Briers, 36, says the timing of the marathon isn't strictly for runners wishing to qualify for Boston.

"It's a month before Boston [April 16], which makes it a good training run for those who have already qualified," she says.

Certification by The Athletics Congress is pending.

For information, call Briers at (410) 721-1442 or the Annapolis Striders Hotline at (410) 268-1165.

* NOTES: The Renaissance AllSports Athletic Club's Last Train to Boston Marathon may be used as a qualifier for the 1992 or 1993 Boston Marathon. For information, call Brad Roberts at (410) 661-6099. . . . Marathons becoming routine? Two ultramarathons of note on the calendar -- the Hinte-Anderson Trail 50K, the TAC Mid-Atlantic Championship, on March 22 at Susquehanna State Park and the Pretty Boy Reservoir 50-Miler on April 11. . . . This from RASAC's winter newsletter: "We're for all runners -- not just the serious types. You don't have to run a marathon, or megamiles, or a sub-anything to fit in." Just a thought: Maybe the serious types would run more sub-somethings if they get a little less serious a little more often.

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