Too much money led to drugs, Tarpley...


Too much money led to drugs, Tarpley says

Former Dallas Mavericks forward Roy Tarpley says the money and pressures involved in being a basketball star led him to alcohol and drugs and, ultimately, a lifetime ban from the NBA. Tarpley, who lives in a north Dallas townhouse when he's not in a Houston drug rehabilitation center, told The Dallas Morning News: "In the end, just say that I tried to be hip, slick and cool and get high on the sly. That's all you have to know about why I am where I am."

The 7-footer was kicked out of the league for refusing to take a drug test Oct. 16. The ban ended Tarpley's rocky five-year career with the Mavericks, who drafted him seventh overall from Michigan in 1986. "I guess once I got hold of a lot of money, I thought I could party, stop, and do the job," Tarpley said. "It didn't work out that way. I just kept partying. As soon as I got hold of money, my decision-making went all out of whack."

Although he can't play for a European league team while he is banned from the NBA, he can play for a Continental Basketball Association team when he's cleared by the Lucas center.


Former World Cup ski champion Bill Koch, disqualified in his first try at making the U.S. Olympic team for the fourth time, said he'll be watching directional signs more closely today when the Olympic tryouts resume at Giants Ridge Ski Area.

Koch, the only U.S. skier to win an Olympic medal in cross-country, is coming back after five years of retirement. He was disqualified Saturday for using a skating step after taking a wrong turn near the end of the 30-kilometer classical technique (diagonal stride) race. Hand timing had him in fourth or fifth place

at the time.

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