50 Years Ago (week of Dec. 28,...


50 Years Ago (week of Dec. 28, 1941-Jan. 3, 1942):

* An early morning fire on Dec. 31 destroyed or damaged three businesses on Ellicott City's Main Street. Roy's Cafe and the Earle Theatre were destroyed, and the second and third floors of Easton Sons Undertaking Parlors were heavily damaged. The losses for the three establishments were estimated at over $50,000.

Note: Where Roy's Cafe and the Earle Theatre stood are now empty lots. The structures rebuilt on this site burned in 1965. Grinders sub and pizza shop occupies the site of the undertaking parlor.

* A Civilian Defense meeting was held this week at the Elkridge Country Club in Elkridge for residents of the first election district. Dr. Benjamin Mellor, Jr., chief air raid warden of the county, spoke on the subject of air raids. All of the district's air raid wardens were present at the meeting.

25 Years Ago (week of Dec. 25-31, 1966):

*An agreement was signed this week requiring that Rouse Co. and the Soil Conservation District work together to prevent soil erosion and "misuse of land and water" in the coming year. The Soil Conservation District has signed a similar agreement with developers every year since 1963.

* The Howard County Farm Bureau announced this week that it has reached its membership goal of 10,000 farm family members for 1966. This represented an increase of 142 members from the previous year and was an all-time high for the previous seven years. The Farm Bureau's purpose was to enable farmers to have a voice in public affairs as well as to work together for the betterment of farmers.

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's Library.

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