From: Chris Tyler

Glen Burnie

It is with much relief that I heard of Bob Duckworth's decision to run for the Republican nomination in the 1st Congressional District.

I was not impressed with either the incumbent from the Eastern Shore or any of the other candidates in the race. I volunteered to help him out because I found him to be an articulate, intelligent and thoughtful advocate of the conservative Republican viewpoint.

Welcome to the race, Bob, count me in as one of your many supporters!


From: Jim Scott

David Taylor Research Center

Public affairs office

I wish to point out an error in an article written by Jay Apperson, "Role in killing brings 15 years" (Dec. 20). Mr. Apperson made an inaccurate as well as inappropriate referenceto the U.S. Naval Ship Research and Development Center (known as theDavid Taylor Research Center).

In covering the murder trial of police informant Sylvester Johnson, Mr. Apperson wrote that defense attorney James D. McCarthy Jr. said, "The day before Johnson's murder, Johnson and two thugs from the U.S. Naval Ship Research and Development Center near Annapolis were raising a riot about an unpaid drug debt."

In truth, Mr. McCarthy said "two thugs from North Severn." Moreimportantly, these individuals are not employed at the research center.

The real confusion set in when your reporter looked at a localmap to determine where or what North Severn is. The only reference on the map is the Naval Ship Research and Development Center. However,we occupy only a small portion of the North Severn Naval Complex.

I realize that Mr. Apperson made an honest mistake, but nonetheless it has caused unnecessary embarrassment for the David Taylor ResearchCenter.

By the way, we have informed the Map Division of the State Highway Administration about the map inaccuracy.


From: Seymour Goldberg


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your most complimentary and sincere article that you printed in your recent edition of Dec. 27th, on my retirement and the subsequent closing of Drapery Mart ("Drapery man ready to hang it up after 34 years").

Deirdre McCabe was truly a pleasure to work with. She wrote a super article and really made words and insight to provide an honest view of the man and his business.

Working with Stephanie Secrest, your photographer, was a breeze. Her professionalism and charm made the finished product a flattering, relaxed view of myself on paper.

Again, my personal regards to your staff, and may 1992 bring everything you wish for.


From: Charles R. Serio


According to the Dec. 28 issue of Human Events, during the Oct. 30 debate on reauthorization of the Export Administration Act (HR 3489), Representative Duncan Hunter, Republican from California, offered an amendment that would allow the Defense Department to review all export licenses for goods or technology proposed by the Commerce Department to see if theexport of such goods or technology could enhance the military capabilities of a potential adversary.

If the Commerce Department and the Defense Department could not resolve their differences, the issue would then go to the president, who would then decide within 20 days.

Proponents argued that such exports and transfers had aided SaddamHussein and other terrorists and that the Hunter proposal was an attempt to prevent that in the future.

Unfortunately, the Hunter amendment was defeated with the help of three congressional incumbents from Maryland who are running for re-election in districts that now share Anne Arundel County. They are Tom McMillen (1st District), Ben Cardin (3rd District) and Steny Hoyer (5th District).

While I believethat increasing U.S. exports is important to the U.S. economy, I feel that jeopardizing the lives of American military personnel and civilians by enhancing the technology of terrorists and other adversariesis extremely foolhardy. I hope that the voters will take a close look at the philosophies of their new incumbents in the 1992 congressional elections.


From: G. M. Schaller


A deep appreciation of the services of Aviation Col. Wayne Stallings, Officer Wilkinson, Dean Harper and Col. Windemuth for rescuing (David Tibbetts and Carl Schaller).

It truly was a Christmas blessing for years to remember. I thought for sure they were both dead. Leaving Saturday on an expedition to Taylor's Island, they found the tideout and the boat marooned on mud slick. After waiting till after midnight, the tides rose and they camped out on shore for the remainder of the darkness.

Their families thought they were staying with friends till daybreak but that was not the case. After checking with friends, the Department of Natural Resources was called and results weremet.

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