New facilities and expanded services highlighted Carroll County General Hospital's 30th year in 1991.

"We have had a truly exciting year by bringing so many services on line in such a short period," saidLinda Harder, CCGH vice president of marketing and planning. "These services have been needed by the community. Their addition has made it possible for people to stay in the county for treatment."

Advances in surgical procedures and equipment have enabled the Westminster hospital to offer procedures that allow patients a shorter recovery time and length of stay.

Here are some of the new services and programs for patients:

* The cardiac catheterization and angiography lab houses the equipment necessary to keep patients from seeking treatment for cardiovascular problems outside the county.

These two "invasive" diagnostic procedures provide physicians with new tools to detect and treat heart and blood vessel disorders. The procedures round out imaging services already offered by the hospital.

*Laparoscopy, a procedure that allows surgeons to make smaller incisions necessary to perform gall-bladder surgery, appendectomies and various gynecological procedures, has revolutionized surgery, Harder said. By using laparoscopy, patients recover more quickly, and consequently, their hospital stay is only a few days.

* The Pediatric HousePhysician and Obstetrics House Physician programs, initiated in July, require a pediatrician and obstetrician on duty every hour of everyday.

These programs are reassuring to mothers laboring in the middle of the night and about to deliver babies. With an obstetrician orpediatrician available during "off" hours, necessary care is always available, Harder said.

* The completion of the 20-bed psychiatricunit last summer provided the county's first private, inpatient psychiatric services.

"The psychiatric unit has exceeded all of our expectations as far as utilization," Harder said. "We expected a slow start, but we have been at almost full capacity over the months of October, November and December."

Hospital officials look forward to next year when the hospital plans to begin a $5.1 million expansion that will improve emergency and operating rooms, modernize the obstetric and gynecological wings and add a third-floor patient wing.

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