No more Mr. Nice GuyAfter the Bears...


No more Mr. Nice Guy

After the Bears lost their playoff game to the Cowboys last week, coach Mike Ditka decided he had become too mellow.

"I did mellow too far," he said. "I think I became so worried about the Mike Ditka image of getting excited and getting angry at times that I became this guy who didn't get excited and didn't get angry at the right times. I think excitement and anger are good if it's justifiable."

Ditka also said the players need more discipline because "the inmates will never run this asylum. There's too many insane people who will take the job."

On William Perry, who might weigh 400 pounds, he said: "William Perry will not be a part of this football team next year at the weight he is now. There will be non-flexible rules next year in weight and conditioning. If he's willing to do what we want him to do now, get the weight to where it has to be, the acceptable weight -- and we will let you people know what that is -- in a period of time, fine."

Will the real Bill Belichick please stand up?

Art Modell, owner of the Browns, on how Bill Belichick, who didn't get along with the media in Cleveland, is really a warm fellow: "He comes off sometimes as brusque and curt, but that's not his true personality. He's a warm human being who's totally wrapped up in his family and job. He's got blinders on."

Did he see 'Bugsy'?

After quarterback Steve Beuerlein said the Cowboys wanted to play the Lions in the playoffs to avenge their regular-season loss, Marc Spindler of Detroit said, "I think revenge is like trying to hit a mob boss and missing and he comes back to get you."

Lions cornerback Melvin Jenkins said, "They're going to wish they'd gone to Washington when we get through with them."

Chasing the Super Bowl

John Elway, the Broncos' quarterback who's 0-3 in Super Bowls, wants another chance.

"I want to go 10 times if that's what it takes, and if it has to be, I'l get beat 10 times. I just want another shot at it," he said.


After 2 seasons on the job, Jack Pardee of the Oilers is the

senior coach in the AFC Central.

"That's scary is what it is. What's football coming to?" Pardee said.

What a wonderful life

Broncos coach Dan Reeves on Chuck Knox, the former Seahawks coach, who is trying to get the Rams' head coaching job: "Chuck's got 9 lives, and he's only used up 4 of them."

Merry Christmas

Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson gave his 2 grown sons, Chad and Brent, a big Christmas gift: invitations to come to his house to watch the Jeep Eagle Aloha Bowl on television.

Chad Johnson said, "The perfect day for him is sitting at home by himself watching a football game."

The national pastime?

ESPN commentator Beano Cook said the 3 biggest days on the sports calendar are "the bowl games [New Year's Day], the Final Four and the day the baseball season ends."

The Bobby twins

Alex Spanos, who has a 49-78 record as owner of the Chargers, on the hiring of Bobby Ross as head coach: "I got Bobby Beathard 2 years ago, and now I've got Bobby Ross. I've got 2 Bobbys. How can you go wrong? I like what I see. We're off to a great start. Maybe we'll have a winning season and go to the playoffs. Of course, I say that every season."

Will it be a penthouse?

Jets coach Bruce Coslet on his plans to try to groom Browning Nagle in the off-season to become the team's quarterback of the future: "Nothing special. . . . I'm building an extra bedroom behind my garage."

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