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DeVonna Green's New Year's resolution is to live happily ever after.But there's one thing missing.

"We need a place to live, that's my resolution," said Green, 26, a resident of a Fort Meade homeless shelter and the mother of two.

Thoughts of a brighter tomorrow were fueled by the kindness of a local civic group, whose members gave up a day of rest and football bowl games to prepare a New Year's Day feast.

Green and about 15 other residents of the shelter -- Sarah's House -- were the luncheon guests of the Holy Trinity Council of the Knights of Columbus.

About45 residents of Glen Square, an apartment building for senior citizens, joined the Sarah's House residents at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church's hall in Glen Burnie. Four on-duty county police officers ferried those needing rides to the luncheon.

They gathered around tables covered with red tablecloths and dined on prime rib and ham, potatoes, green beans and rolls.

Finding a home also topped the list ofresolutions for 30-year-old Dorcell Holland and her five children.

"I also want to be a more positive influence on my kids," she said."With these drug-infested neighborhoods, I want to steer them in theright direction."

Grand Knight Ken Sassaman said that this is thefirst year his organization has sponsored this sort of luncheon and that he hopes to do so again on other holidays.

"We don't want to do the holidays that everyone else does," he said.

"People forget about New Year's, and it can be one of the loneliest days."

Sassaman said the Knights are considering catering meals on Mother's Day and Father's Day, too.

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