Raymond Guest, 84, a former ambassador to...


Raymond Guest, 84, a former ambassador to Ireland who was a champion polo player and horse breeder, died Tuesday of pneumonia in Fredericksburg, Va. Mr. Guest's horses won many of the world's leading races, including the Epsom Derby in England with Larkspur in 1962 and Sir Ivor in 1968. Mr. Guest's Tom Rolfe won the Preakness in 1965. Mr. Guest was a member of the Virginia senate 1947-1953 and was the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland 1965-1969.

Earl W. Kintner, 79, a chairman of the Federal Trade Commission in the Eisenhower administration and a longtime senior partner in the Washington law firm of Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn, died Saturday in Washington after a long illness. As chairman of the commission from 1959 to 1961, Mr. Kintner urged industry to regulate itself, but he also vigorously enforced antitrust regulations and attacked false advertising.

Mitchell D. Schweitzer, 86, a New York state judge for 26 years, died Monday of congestive heart failure in New York. He was 86. In 1959, Mr. Schweitzer was criticized for refusing to make public a grand jury report on rigged television quiz shows, a highly publicized scandal at the time, but said, "my first duty is to the law and to my conscience." He left the state Supreme Court bench in 1972.

Monsignor William L. O'Connor, 84, who founded a home for troubled youth that became known as the "Boys Town of the West," died Monday in San Rafael, Calif. Monsignor O'Connor helped established the Hanna Boys Center in 1945.

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