1991 -- a year to forget

We're glad to be done with the year '91

Before the first month was out, war had begun.


George Bush, holding ground despite

' strong opposition,


Was adamant, leading a world coalition.

Readers recoiled at each first-of-year headline,

Counting the days to the Jan. 15th deadline.

Next day (at eve) came a huge air attack,

Planes leveled targets with minimal flak.

The gulf war taught people new smart-weapon terms

Like Silkworms and Patriots, Sea Darts and berms.

front of TVs every family would gather


For Arnett or Brokaw or Jennings or Rather.

made Norman Schwarzkopf a national hero

And most other programs had watchers near zero.

The al-Sabah family's now back in Kuwait,

But Saddam Hussein hasn't met his just fate.

Eastern Europe is no longer totalitarian,


Rife are the rifts it is time to be buryin'.

Violence prevails between Croat and Serb,

In the Balkans this sign came down: "Do not disturb!"

The Russian economy's dry as a bone,

The Ukraine seceded; it wasn't alone.

After years of strong leadership, Gorbachev stumbled,


The USSR as such finally crumbled.

Lebanon's hostages all were released,

Chances for peace in the region increased.

Japan's fiscal systems by scandals were rocked.

Hashimoto, the culprit, in jail should be locked.

When Mt. Pinatubo was due to erupt,


The departure of those in its path was abrupt.

Earth's atmosphere carries the brunt of its "yield,"

And the U.S. since then has abandoned Clark Field.

National news stressed economy's slump,

But Bush denied things were that bad

! from his "stump."


After hearings the length of which no one calls brief,

Robert Gates follows Webster as CIA chief.

When Judge Thurgood Marshall from high court


To his seat Clarence Thomas devoutly aspired.

It was obvious Bush thought that Clarence


had promise,

But Senate approval was needed for Thomas.

Committee approval seemed certain until

Anita Hill testified softly, with skill.

She accused Clarence Thomas in language explicit

Of sexual harassment, and this is illicit.


By margin too narrow was Thomas approved,

And now that he's seated he can't be removed.

Sununu's extravagance really took flight.

He flew White House Airways, the cost out of sight.

Now he's no longer in GOP favor,

And Bush's regime will assume a new flavor.


Though decent Republicans shun David Duke,

God help the U.S. if he wins by a fluke.

The country continues to go through contortions

As right-to-life forces fight choice on abortions.

While Bush is in charge, friends of choice are afraid

The Supreme Court will overturn Roe versus Wade.


Small thefts and purse snatchings don't hold a candle

To BCCI's international scandal.

With ramifications enormous in scope,

To hang all the swindlers would take miles of rope.

For thousands of homeowners damage was dire

When dry hills in Oakland were swept by a fire.


The William Smith rape case was headlined, of course.

Did he get her consent or attack her by force?

Don Schaefer has shed funny hats, rubber ducky.

The state's in bad shape; poor Don hasn't been lucky.

Weather in Maryland, wow, what a bummer!

Record heat soared when it still wasn't summer.


Aquarium workers were wed under water.

'Twas easy to slip on the ring that he bought 'er.

In local elections excitement was lacking,

Hardly an "in" by an "out" was sent packing.

Picking a name for the stadium: Hard!

It could have been Camden Park-Oriole Yard.


The Orioles ended up close to the bottom;

Bright star was Cal Ripken -- we're lucky we got 'im!

Redskins and Caps in their fields showed no weakness;

"Strike Gold" won Derby and "Hansel" the


Young Graf and Martina lit up women's courts;


Courier, Connors made hits in white shorts.

Giants gave Super Bowl grandstanders thrills

When a last-second field goal was missed by the Bills.

Each year the news features items less humorous;

This year's farewells to our heroes are numerous.

Bellamy, film star who played FDR,


Fred MacMurray, a TV and movie top star.

Directors Frank Capra and, too, David Lean,

Danny Thomas, Redd Foxx, who stole many a scene.

Comedian George Gobel, Dame Margot Fonteyn,

John Heinz and John Tower -- they crashed in a plane.

Harry Reasoner's gone and, too, Dr. Seuss,


Who ranks with the authors of old Mother Goose.

Yes, news of this year's not the kind you would lap up.

We hope '92 has a much brighter wrap-up!