Jodie Foster, Grateful Dead and the Judds were year's tops


JODIE FOSTER, cited for her role as a psycho-stalking cop in the movie "Silence of the Lambs," plus her film directorial debut in "Little Man Tate," was picked as Entertainer of the Year in this week's Entertainment Weekly.

"In 1991 [she] . . . began to redraw the roles of women in Hollywood, on-screen and off," the mag said. "She was tough before it was a trend."

* The Grateful Dead, selling out 76 of 79 gigs in 1991 and grossing $35 million, was the year's top touring band, according to Amusement Business magazine.

* The Judds, who grossed $19 million from live performances, were the top country act. Liza Minnelli had the best single-city run. She sold $3.8 million worth of tickets to 15 shows at Manhattan's Radio City Music Hall.

* Sam Walton, who this year put name brands at low prices into his Wal-Mart Stores, was named Adman of the Year by Advertising Age. The mag also noted that in 1991 his Wal-Mart Corp. passed Kmart and Sears, Reobuck & Co. as the nation's largest retailer.

* Do we care that Prince has a new favorite color? But, of course, we do. Known for his passion for purple since his "Purple Rain" movie and album, the pop star reveals in the January issue of Vogue mag that he now fancies yellow.

* Asking mercy for the homeless, Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, in his first Christmas Day message since assuming his post in April, noted: "Jesus Christ was himself born of parents temporarily without a home."

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