Don't go, Joe, no one else wants Terp job


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Joe Krivak shouldn't give up hope that his days as a head football coach are past at age 56. At the rate so-called candidates for the Maryland job are turning tail, athletic director Andy Geiger might have to invite Joe back with a salary adjustment and signing bonus included.

* Biggie at the Capital Centre tonight (7:35): The Washington Capitals are taking on the most-talented team in the Patrick Division, the New York Rangers. The Rangers have been going wild of late, winning six straight. A Rangers win will leave the teams tied for first and, if the rest of the division doesn't watch out, they could be gone for good.

* Here's a stat to marvel at until something as equally unbelievable comes along: Morgan Wootten of DeMatha High (Hyattsville) just knocked off his 960th victory as a coach. That's 32 seasons of 30 wins or 48 seasons of 20 wins and the guy's not 60 years old yet.

* Avalanches in France (presently), no snow in Squaw Valley, Calif. (1960), blizzards in Sarajevo (1984) and wind and 60-degree temperatures in Calgary (1988). Think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something about the Winter Olympics?

* The fact the Bullets have trouble winning at the Capital Centre (2-8) has nothing to do with their playing the Charlotte Hornets at the Baltimore Arena Saturday (7:30 p.m.). The paraphrase the old recruiting posters, "Abe Pollin wants you!"

* About 43,000 new Oriole Park commemorative coins are available for $30 (plus postage and handling) by calling 1-800-933-2669 . . . and on sale at the same number are 5,000 coins noting the NFC Eastern Conference championship of your Washington Redskins.

* The average NBA ticket goes for $22.52. Which sounds excessive until you get a load of what the average charge for a seat at The Forum to watch the Lakers is: $47.11. No wonder Jack Nicholson has to keep making pictures.

* In checking out the attendance at Georgetown games at Hawaii E-Loa and Hawaii-Pacific, 403 and 605, respectively, one wonders how the NAIA schools can keep affording the handsome guarantee the Hoyas command.

* An interesting story in a Minneapolis paper the other day noted that even though the Super Bowl will be a sellout Jan. 26, many of the swells who attend the game annually won't be making the trek to the Frost Belt. While the travel agencies are taking a big hit, one plus is the 57,000 seats in the Metrodome will be occupied by honest-to-goodness football fans.

* Orioles home games last year averaged one minute shy of three hours. They only seemed longer. American League games dragged on six minutes longer than NL games, 2:52 to 2:46, with the Phillies playing the fastest (2:39), the A's the slowest (3:02).

* If the U.S. Pro Indoor tennis tournament in Philadelphia Feb. 17-23 doesn't do well at the gate, guess who is apt to pick up

the tab? The tourney is sponsored by Baltimore County's cable TV provider, Comcast.

* After Reggie Lewis lit up Denver rookie Mark Macon for 31 points as the Celtics were romping, 132-94, recently, the ex-Dunbar product explained, "He's a butcher. No, actually, he plays hard. It's just that I had a size advantage on him." Yeah, about an inch and a half.

* Team USA is just 2-9-2 in pre-Olympic games against NHL squads hardly pressing the issue, so it would be wise not to expect wondrous things from the lads at the Winter Games in Albertville, France. That being said, CBS will no doubt hint strongly that the team is at least the equal of the Detroit Red Wings of the mid-'50s.

* Larry Holmes, if he beats Ray Mercer Feb. 7, wants to go against George Foreman (for huge money, of course). Ridiculous. What the heck, if Magic Johnson plays in the NBA All-Star Game, the playoffs and Olympics, as he has said he wants, why not?

* If I was Jack Morris, I would have no problem accepting nearly $11 million from Toronto either. Why be loyal to the Twins, who obviously assumed Morris was so stupid he wouldn't note the difference in what they were offering ($8 million)?

* The booze outfit, Jose Cuevo, is working on the biggest Super Bowl beach party (Cancun) ever with John ("Loosen up, Sandy") Riggins serving as host (at least for a while).

* Here's a score to ease the anxiety the next time your favorite team gets bombed: Hutchinson (Kan.) JC, 123, Malcolm X (Ill.) 33. Imagine getting beat by 90 after closing to within 52 (69-17) with a three at the first-half buzzer.

* Did you ever wonder where ex-Georgetown guard Eric Floyd got the nickname "Sleepy?" Maybe an incident during a recent Houston Rockets game will help. Floyd went to the scorer's table to report in, went to rip away his warmup pants and found he was sans shorts.

* Bobby Bonilla had 14 fewer homers, 20 fewer RBIs and scored 10 fewer runs last season than in 1990 yet ended up with a better than 150 percent raise from $2.4 million to $6.1 million. And we think the government is lousy when it comes to handling money?

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