Olympic styleTelevision viewers watching the Winter Olympic...


Olympic style

Television viewers watching the Winter Olympic Games in France during February will be treated to a fashion show along with the alpine skiing and speed skating.

CBS Sports has arranged for all its on-air announcers to wear clothes by Joseph Abboud, Anne Klein II, Ferragamo, Carmelo Pomodoro and Alfred Sung. The network contracted a Los Angeles-based wardrobe service, Clothe Inc., to coordinate and manage the on-air clothing for 15 CBS broadcasters. Various designers were selected for a unified, rather than uniform, appearance that would complement backgrounds and graphics, yet allow for individual style.

Tim McCarver, baseball broadcaster, and Paula Zahn, co-host of "CBS This Morning," will serve as prime-time co-hosts.

Ms. Zahn will wear custom designs from the Italian house of Ferragamo, long known for its shoes, more recently for it classically styled, upscale clothing.

Mr. McCarver -- as well as Jim Nantz, Greg Gumbel, Harry Smith, James Brown, Pat O'Brien and five skating and ice hockey announcers -- will wear clothes by Abboud, a New Yorker who bridges the gap between American and European styles.

Andrea Joyce will be wearing sportswear separates from Anne Klein II Petites, former Olympic figure skating gold medalist Katarina Witt will wear stretch designs from Pomodoro and figure skating bronze medalist Tracy Wilson will be dressed in designs by Canadian Alfred Sung.

@ Omigosh! I mean, this is it. Parties, parties everywhere. And you still don't have a thing to wear.

So what's the one thing, the simplest thing, you can do to look as if you knew all along the holidays were coming?

Go for the gold. Streak for the silver. Break for the bronze. Pop for the pewter.

Think metallics.

Accent or all-out, their sleek surfaces will brighten your holiday image.

Possible acquisitions include:

A tissue-weight metallic shirt or a cabled metallic sweater to tuck into, or wear over, pants or a short skirt already in the wardrobe.

A bright sequined or matte metallic leather miniskirt to pair with, perhaps, a white ribbed tunic sweater and glinty hose.

takes a little humor to wear metallics. They can look pretentious in traditional dress-up lengths or shapes. Short skirts or pants in combination with such wealth keep it from looking overbearing or fussy.

Your spark of metal can be as small as an evening bag, a belt, some shimmery hose or a pair of magical metallic pumps (low heels look best).

None of these will take you as far as as they might in basic black.

But the mileage could be a lot more memorable.

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