Robbery-rape trial continuing 2 accused of breaking into Overlea home, holding 3 captive for 8 hours.

The trial of David Wayne Hall and Ricky Andrew Bailey, who are accused of kidnapping a teller of an Overlea bank and her daughters, robbing the bank and raping one of the daughters, was to continue today in Baltimore County Circuit Court.

Judge Dana M. Levitz and the jury of 10 women and two men listened to testimony from the three victims on Friday.


On Friday, the 20-year-old daughter gave an emotional account of the events on the night of July 8 when two men broke into her family's Overlea home and held the victims captive for over eight hours.

Under questioning from Assistant County State's Attorney Scott D. Shellenberger, she testified that Bailey, described by all three victims as the aggressor, and Hall took her to another room in the house.


"They were on each side of me. [Bailey] put duct tape over my eyes," she testified. "They tied my right hand to the right bedpost and my left hand to the other bedpost. . . . They took my shoes off and duct-taped [my feet] together."

The woman said that she was able to see clearly through a space at the bottom of the strip.

"They told me to be quiet and to shut up . . . that it was all up to me or my sister would get it," she said. She was undressed and raped.

Throughout the night, the victims testified, the men asked questions about people who regularly visited the home. They robbed the family of jewelry, money and cigarettes, the victims said.

They referred to each other as "partner," the younger daughter ++ testified, until "one of them slipped and called the other one 'Rick.' " After that, she said, the men called each other "Rick" and "Joe."

The 16-year-old daughter also testified that she was fondled by Bailey.

The men made themselves at home, the mother testified, "watching television, they were riding the exercise bike. . . . They were hungry so I told them where food was and how to make a pot of coffee."

It wasn't until hours later, the mother said, that the men revealed their plan to rob the bank. "They said that they knew there were thousands of dollars at the bank and they wanted that money," she said.


"I told them that there was approximately $4,300 at the bank and they got very upset," the mother said. Bailey then went downstairs, she said, and retrieved a bank book that belonged to her niece, which showed an account balance of $4,800.

"He wanted to know why there was only $4,300 in the bank if there was $4,800 in the bank book," the mother said, adding that she then explained to him that the bank does not keep all the money from each account on the premises.

"When they found out there was so little cash, they wanted to know if there was anything else of value that they could take," the mother said. "I told them about the travelers checks and then I had to explain to [Hall] how they worked."

The victims testified that they were ordered into the mother's car in the early morning hours of July 9. The daughters and Hall were eventually dropped at the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, before Bailey and the mother continued on to the bank.