Conventional AIDS wisdom is wrongIn response to...

Conventional AIDS wisdom is wrong

In response to David S. Page's Dec. 9 letter, "AIDS conspiracy?," it is tragic, indeed, that many people accept without question the medical profession's analysis and treatment of AIDS patients, even though the doctors admit a "zero percent success rate" in curing the disease and have been unsuccessful in preventing its spread after encouraging the distribution of free condoms and sterile needles.


Mr. Page asks: "What would these gentlemen (Everett G. Jarvis and the Strecker brothers) have us do, not use condoms anymore?"

I cannot speak for the Streckers, but I want to emphasize that although condoms may help in preventing the spread of venereal diseases, I firmly believe their use will have absolutely no effect on AIDS prevention. After six years of AIDS research, I am convinced that AIDS is not transmitted sexually. Rather, it is directly related to long-term illicit (or medically prescribed) intravenous drug abuse. These drugs themselves destroy a person's immune system not any virus!


Doctors are right when they say that "no one has ever died of AIDS" (i.e., the HIV virus). People only die from an "AIDS-related illness," which is exacerbated by long-term drug use. It is the drug-weakened immune system that permits otherwise harmless microorganisms to multiply and get out of control. The only long-term survivors of the disease are those who have abandoned all illicit drug use, made drastic changes in their eating and sleeping habits and refused to participate in medically prescribed chemotherapy programs.

Mr. Page concludes that this educator/researcher is "trying to earn money at the expense of others' fears." Yet in the six years since my report ("The Real Cause & Cure of AIDS") has bee published, I have sold only two copies and those at the cost of publication and mailing. More than 250 other copies have been mailed at my own expense to national AIDS organizations, medical researchers, government health agencies and the like. I have no interest in capitalizing on the misfortunes of others.

It is a pity that Mr. Page, like so many others, has formed him adversarial opinion of my findings without ever reading one word of my report.

Everett G. Jarvis


So long, WCAO

Goodbye to my radio friends at WCAO who provided years of great country music spiced with a wonderful mix of their warm personalities, people-oriented programs and remote broadcasts. All my gratitude goes out to Johnny Dark, Tom Conroy, R.C. Allen, Danny Reese, Brenda Bissett and Ron Matz, for they were like "family" to so many of us who will miss their special brand of good humor, kindness and love.

Carol Sharff



Cut Schaefer's pay

Recently The Evening Sun printed a partial list of Governo Schaefer's staff which is over 100 people. It also published their salaries. I think none was below $50,000.

All of them, including the governor, should take a $10,000 pay cut. The governor gets free housing at the mansion, and no money for food, gas, electric, rent or medical attention comes out of his own pocket. He is driven around by a state trooper, he buys no gas, pays no car insurance.

If charity begins at home, what's wrong with starting with salary cuts? The people he laid off will have no salary.

Bob Crooks



Stop immigration

A.M. Rosenthal's Dec. 5 column, "Where are Harry's children?" should not be about keeping Haitians out of America but any immigrant, for the time being. How can we take in more immigrants when our own people are being laid off?

These people will surely end up on some kind of government assistance which will be supported by us, the taxpayers.

Thuryle V. McKewin

Linthicum Heights