Coach: Graydon Webster, ninth year


Assistant: Karen Scott

1990-1991 record: 6-16 overall, 1-13 county


Returnees: Seniors: Vanessa Clack (G), Dana McGraw (F), Kristen Kruhm (F), Julie Ruprecht (G), Juanita Thompson (F); juniors: Allison Valentino (G), Kelly Smith (F).

Newcomers to watch: Senior: Carla Galang (G/F); juniors:Chrissy Dibella (G/F), Beth Lowenthal (F); sophomores: Robin McGraw (F), Niki Blankenship (F).

Coach's outlook: "We're a lot quicker on defense, and we should be a better rebounding team. Floor leadership is the thing I'm going to have that I didn't have last year. We're excited about the season."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Raiders will improve on last year's county record, but will have trouble against the league powers. Valentino and Thompson are the returning starters. Look for Valentino, a solid ballhandler, to step up her scoring. Inexperience will keep Atholton no higher than the middle of the pack.


Coach: Beth Brown, first year

Assistant: David Brown

1990-91 record: 5-9 county, 8-14 overall


Returnees: Seniors: Becky Joeckel (G), Jane Chen (F); juniors: Shannon Saltzman (F), Kelli Butler (G), Laura Taneyhill (G), Sherri Happel (F).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Rosie Thomas (G), Tiffany Bowers (F); sophomores: Katrina Wolfe (G), Susan Green (G), Jeanine Lee (G), Kathy Gallagher (F/G).

Coach's outlook: "Our strength is in the middle withShannon. I think we're right up there with Howard and Glenelg, with Hebron and Hammond the top dogs. I think I've got a really talented group."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Eagles rebounded from a tough rebuilding season in 1989-1990 to respectability last year. With three-year starters Joeckel, Saltzman, and Butler back, they should be more trouble for the league this year. This could be the season's surprise contender.


Coach: Chuck Struhar, 14th year


Assistant: Lisa Seibold

1990-1991 record: 9-5 county, 17-7 overall

Returnees: Seniors: Tanissa Dorsey (G), Jen Leedom (G), Sarah Jones (G); juniors: Debbie Snyder (F), Dana Hoffman (F).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Joanna Tammaro (G), Carey Ebersberger (F); sophomore: Christina Flowers (G), Susan Geisler (F).

Coach's outlook: "It's not a great team. We don't have a tremendous amount of depth, but we've got a lot of hard workers. We're not going to set the world on fire, but we're never going to dog it. People are going to have tocome in and beat us."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Gladiators may be short on depth and experience, but they have three talented returning starters in Dorsey, Leedom and Jones. Dorsey might be the bestathlete in the county. And with Struhar back after a three-year hiatus, expect dogged defense to keep Glenelg in every game. The Gladiators will be a threat each night.



Coach: Joe Russo, sixth year

Assistant: Al Moraz

1990-91 record: 5-9 county,13-13 overall

Returnees: Juniors: Kristen Moraz (F), Jen Garlick (G), Samantha Andersch (G); sophomores: Kacey Williams (G), Sonia Keiner (F), Amy Hanson (F).

Newcomers to watch: Junior: Nikki Dey (F); sophomore: Lindsay McCaskill (G); freshmen: Tameka Harrison (F), Tiki Nicholson (G).


Coach's outlook: "It's a young team, but they play like veterans. The only thing we're lacking is that one prolific scorer. I think we're just good as anybody, Hebron included."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Bears have no seniors, but they have the finest collection of athletes in the league. Keiner and Williams, both All-County material, form an excellent inside-outside combination. Moraz and Garlick add offensive punch, and the addition of Harrison andNicholson -- the county's most exciting freshmen -- should keep Hammond on Hebron's tail all season.


Coach: Craig O'Connell, fourth year

1990-1991 record: 10-4 county, 17-8 overall

Returnees: Seniors: Krista Fulton (F), Emily Petrlik (F); juniors: Camille Powell (G), Terry Townslay (G), Sharon Ford (G)


Newcomers to watch: Juniors:Mekaa Richards (F), Kelsi Stovall (F), Amy Owens (F); sophomore: Emily Moore (G); freshmen: Rebecca Powell (G), Katie Kile (F), Mona Jackson (G)

Coach's outlook: "To be successful, we have to force turnovers before our opponent gets into a half-court offense. If we have to go to our bench, we could be in trouble, because they're not ready."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Lions lost Co-Player of the Year Kristi Greer to graduation, but the cupboard is far from bare. Fulton, a second team All-County forward, will increase her scoring and rebounding by playing closer to the basket. Powell is one of the league's better point guards and more underrated players. The bench is questionable, although keep an eye on fast-improving freshman Mona Jackson.


Coach: Dave Greenberg, 14th year

Assistants: Brad Rees, Donna Schaaf


1990-91 record: 13-1 county, 23-3 overall

Returnees: Juniors: Erica McCauley (G), Kris Bryant (F), Sandra Benson (F), Tierney Clark (F); sophomore: Emily Yanero (G).

Newcomers to watch: Juniors: Sandy Lewis (G), Stacia Hepburn (F/G); sophomore: Kristen Lloyd (F); freshmen: Jenny Joyce (F/G), Kathy Doyle (F).

Coach's outlook: "We have experienced young players. We're not very athletic, but we've got people with real good skills. Offensively, this team could be stronger than last year's."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Vikings are well-equipped to win their 12th county title in 14 years. With her superb passing and outstanding shooting, McCauley -- last season's Co-Player of the Year -- is the best in the league. Benson and Clark provide depth up-front, while Lewis brings a good shot off the bench. With Greenberg driving the bus, Hebron is once again the team to beat.



Coach: Teresa Waters, eighth year

Assistants: Michael Hammond, Randy Wallenhorst

1990-1991 record: 12-2 county, 22-3 overall

Returnees: Senior: Sharon Davis (C); junior: Connie Copeland (F); sophomores: Missy Singleton (G), Kristen Ostlie (G), Amy Caldwell (F/G).

Newcomers to watch: Senior: Jen Walsh (G); juniors: Mandi Kolste (G), Jenny Arbogast (G), Julie Lappert (G); freshman: Lauren McHargue (F).

Coach's outlook: "Everything is gone. We're very young. We've got size, but we're very inexperienced. I've got to think positive. They know it's a building period. If they work hard, good things can happen."


Howard County Sun outlook: The Scorpions, who played in the 3A title game last spring, will drop fastest and farthest. Their entire starting lineup, including four All-County players, graduated. Of the returnees, only Copeland accrued significant playing time last year. A very toughcounty schedule should make for a tough winter.


Coach: Kelly Rosati, first year

Assistant: Donald Storr

1990-91 record: 1-13 county, 4-16 overall

Returnees: Senior: Renita Young (G), Ryan McDonough (F), Shawna Davis (F); junior: Tracy Stefan (F); sophomore: Kim Driessen (G).


Newcomers to watch: Senior: OlgaLloyd (G); juniors: Tamika Bell (G), Eva Ortlieb (F); freshmen: Kristen Riismandel (F), Anika Middleton (F), Siobhan Hayes (G).

Coach's outlook: "Our guard play will be strong, and I have some ninth-graders who have played very well. We don't have one person dominating the team like last year. The playoffs are definitely within our grasp."

Howard County Sun outlook: The Wildecats were a disappointment, largely because Young tried to do too much on her own. Young is an All-County type of player, but returning starters like Stefan and Driessen should step up to lead a solid supporting cast. The bench is inexperienced, but the Wildecats should rebound back to the middle of the pack.