Cub Scout Pack 662, sponsored by BBM Delivery & Services Inc. of Severn presented more than 30 awards at its last pack meeting.

Advancing to the rank of Bobcat were David N. Brice, Adam M. Donnelly, RyanLester, Jacob Mahoney, Joshua McDowell, Nathan D. Nevius, Kirk D. Prevost, Roger Ruark, Matthew Ruoff, and Curtis Yowell.


The rank of Wolf was attained by Brian McNeely and Jason Scutt, who earned one Gold and one Silver Arrow Point. Christian Curtis advanced to the rank of Bear.

Webelos Scouts were awarded Activity Pins: Kurtis Bolk -- Aquanaut, Communicator and Outdoorsman; Brandon Caldara -- Aquanaut and Communicator; Frederic Freeman -- Communicator; Nick Koscienlniak -- Communicator; Steven Lewis -- Aquanaut, Communicator, Handyman; Steven Naff -- Aquanaut, Communicator, Handyman; and Christian Nickel -- Artist, Communicator, Handyman, Showman.


Sportspins and belt loops were awarded to several Cub Scouts as well: Brandan Caldara -- Swimming belt loop; Matthew Clark -- Physical Fitness and Swimming belt loops; Jacob Grouse -- Swimming belt loop; James Guillion -- Baseball pin and belt loop, Soccer pin and belt loop; Ryan Lester -- Physical Fitness belt loop; Steven Lewis -- Archery belt loop, Baseball pin, belt loop and Sports letter; Adam McDonnelly -- Swimming belt loop; Joshua McDowell -- Baseball pin, belt loop, sports letter, Physical Fitness belt loop, Soccer belt loop and pin, and Swimming belt loop; Brian McNeely -- Baseball pin and belt loop, PhysicalFitness, Soccer and Swimming belt loops; David Meredith -- Swimming belt loop; Christian Nickel -- Baseball pin, belt loop and Sports letter; Charles Niemeyer -- Swimming belt loop; Kirk Prevost -- Soccer belt loop; Matthew Ruoff -- Soccer pin and belt loop; David Yeatman --Baseball pin, belt loop, Sports letter, Physical Fitness belt loop, Soccer pin and belt loop, and Swimming belt loop; and Douglas Yeatman-- Swimming belt loop.

Pack 662, in its 30th year, serves the youth of the Ridgeway Elementary School area. Information: 551-3531.


PACK 994

Cub Scout Pack 994 of Severna Park is collecting magazines and books to donate to the Cal Ripken Learning Center, which combats illiteracy through education.

The pack will meet 7:15 p.m. Dec. 19 at Folger-McKinsey Elementary School. The meeting will kick off a campaign that will run into next year as the pack collects donations from the community.

For information call Lanelle Fisher at 544-2530.