As usual, Barkley keeps no secrets in upcoming book


His autobiography is called "Outrageous!" and who would expect anything less from Charles Barkley. As the title suggests, the book, due to hit the shelves next month, is Barkley distilled to his candid, pointed, profane, unrestrained essence.

His opinions of teammates and coaches, past and present, and particularly of Philadelphia 76ers owner Harold Katz, are offered with a pungency that will surely send troubling waves over the bow of a listing Sixers ship.

His opinion of himself, deservedly so, is slightly higher.

"The way I've got it figured, there'll never be another player like me again," Barkley wrote. "There'll never be another player who is 6-foot-4 and averages more than 10 rebounds a game, scores inside whenever he wants to against bigger opponents, and is quicker than most everybody he plays against. I'm the Ninth Wonder of the World."

Barkley makes minor personal revelations in other areas. He was a "petty thief" as a kid, he smoked marijuana and took $20,000 from agents as a college player at Auburn.

And, like Magic Johnson, he underwent an AIDS test this fall as required by a life insurance policy. Barkley's test, he wrote, proved negative.

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