The U.S. Navy has provided a nuclear reactor, Tomahawk cruise missiles and a crew of 126 for the attack submarine USS Annapolis, but it will be up to the citizens of the city to provide the crabs and silverservice if they want to spread the local brand of goodwill around the globe.

With this in mind, the USS Annapolis Commemorative Committee and the Annapolis High School band are distributing a new fund-raising catalog of memorabilia honoring the vessel.


"Hopefully, we'll never use the Annapolis in its official war capacity. But it will go from port to port around the world as Annapolis' emissary of goodwill. Traditionally, it's the role of the home cityto provide the silver service and the gifts for foreign dignitaries," explained Gene Zarwell, who created the 16-age color catalog with the help of donated services All-Three Printing, Artisan Press and French-Bray Inc.

That's one reason.


The other is: They want to throw a huge party next April when the submarine is commissioned for active duty. Anywhere between 250 and 800 Annapolitans will be trekking north to Groton, Conn., for three days of commissioning ceremonies tobe paid entirely through the private fund-raising efforts of the committee.

The catalog contains items ranging from $7 coffee mugs and$20 belt buckles to a $1,500 crystal globe.

A limited number of autographed copies of Tom Clancy's "The Hunt For Red October" are alsoon sale for $50, Zarwell said. The USS Annapolis is the same as the Los Angeles-class sub featured in the Clancy novel.

Most of the items, including a wide range of clothing, are inscribed with a logo ofthe USS Annapolis cruising in front of a silhouette of the city skyline.

Approximately 1,000 window decals with that logo are also available for people who wish to make a $25 donation to the commemorative committee, Zarwell said.

The hull of the USS Annapolis -- not tobe confused with the newly launched Trident-class submarine the USS Maryland -- was christened May 11, the instruments have been installed and the sub began its test runs this week.

An actual visit to Maryland by the USS Annapolis is not scheduled until the U.S. Naval Academy's Commissioning Week next May.

The Annapolis will be the fourth ship honoring Maryland's capital city in the past 100 years. The other three were:


* 1897-1940 The gunboat Annapolis, which served in the Philippines and Central America during the Spanish American war.

* Dec. 1944-1946 The patrol frigate Annapolis protected the Panama Canal Zone during the last years of World War II before being soldto Mexico in 1947.

* 1964-1976 The communication ship Annapolis served as a floating island of radio antennae until the advent of satellite technology rendered it obsolete. The communication ship was constructed from the platform of the old aircraft carrier the USS Haillet.