Suspect flees, but here comes the judge Defendant a free man -- for 15 minutes.


MIAMI -- Defendant Donyell Desmore was a free man. For about 15 minutes.

Desmore was given six months' probation after pleading no contest to battery Wednesday. He then walked out of the Metro Justice Building.

On the courthouse steps, Desmore began harassing the woman he had just admitted attacking: Renee Robinson, his girlfriend. He lifted Robinson in his arms and dropped her on the sidewalk.

Dade County Judge Scott Silverman, standing in a colleague's first-floor office, heard the commotion and saw the attack.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," Silverman, a traffic judge, said yesterday.

Silverman ordered his bailiff to call the police. The judge then bolted out of the courthouse.

Desmore ran. Silverman yelled several times for Desmore to stop. Desmore stopped and walked back.

Silverman escorted Desmore back to Judge Cindy Lederman's courtroom for a probation violation hearing. Silverman testified.

Lederman quickly sentenced Desmore to 60 days in jail.

"It's unbelievable," Lederman said. "He left my courtroom in the middle of the afternoon and he ended up being my evening guest in the Dade County Jail."

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