With the beginning of our high school hoops preview today, it's onlyappropriate that we set the stage with a truckload of "Q's and A's."

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Today, here's a load of "Q's" on boys basketball; on Friday, it'll be the girls turn.

* No. 1 this hoop season, have you met anybody in basketball who likes the idea of a coin toss to start a game rather than the traditional jump ball?


The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association has received permission from the national federation to use the coin flip instead of the jump ball. All ensuing possessions will be determined by the possession arrow, overtime included.

The MPSSAA is calling it a one-year experiment, includingthe playoffs.

Where do they get crazy ideas like this? Why fix something if it's not broken?

Most coaches, fans and players I've talked to think it's ridiculous, and I honestly haven't found anyone who likes it. I predict that the jump ball is a traditional part of thegame that most coaches will want back for next year.

Really, what's next, a coin flip to decide who shoots foul shots first when they decide to go to the stripe to decide overtime?

* After the last five great seasons in which his Bruins have gone 99-21, is Broadneck coach Ken Kazmarek trying to tell us something, maybe a hint of the team's demise, by the sponsor of his pocket schedule?

Broadneck's pocket schedule was printed by William Reese and Sons Mortuary in Annapolis, licensed funeral directors and embalmers.

Was it the idea of first-year athletic director Kevin McMullen to prove he is more innovative than his older brother, Tim, whom he succeeded?


When Class 4A Broadneck opens its season on Friday, Dec. 13, at 3A South River, did you know it will be the first time that the Bruins have played in Edgewater in the last four years, with the last four games being in Cape St. Claire?

At the same time, how about Class 4A Chesapeake traveling to South River for a fourth straight year?

With the likes of legitimate standouts Albert Lee and Darren Hall, will this be the year South River upsets Broadneck?

By the way, do you know that Broadneck's 99-21 record over the last five years is topped only by the111-15 run by Annapolis during that time?

* Did you know that Kazmarek (138-50) and John Brady (298-49) of Annapolis are two of only six county boys basketball coaches among 15 with career winning records?

Who are the other four? See if you can name them before lookingbelow.


The other four are Tom Albright (365-205), Southern; ButchYoung (341-181), Meade; Johnny Barbour (150-116), Northeast; and Paul Bunting (72-61), Old Mill.

Did you know that Brady's winning percentage (.859) over 14 seasons is easily the highest in county history for those coaching 10 years or more?

Don't you think it's likelythat Brady will chalk up coveted win No. 300 in the second game, against his alma mater Mount St. Joseph High, at Annapolis on Dec. 16?

To be fair, let's go to the other side of the spectrum and ask who has the worst records and lowest winning percentage.

* Did you know that Glen Burnie's Terry Bogle (218-283), whose Gophers were 5-17 last season, is closing in on 300 career losses?

* How did we miss the milestones set by Tom Kraning at Chesapeake, Jim Sheehan at St. Mary's and Wayne Mook at Severna Park last year?


Kraning (31-101) notched career loss No. 100 last year during his sixth season -- his best-ever with the Cougars (9-13) -- while Sheehan (103-109) went 4-20with the Saints to reach 100 in his ninth year.

Lowest winning percentage? Kraning's .234, but in fairness to the guy, that is better than his four-year career in football which is 9-31 (.225).

Mook (107-118) led the Falcons to a 10-13 log last winter, posting his 100th career victory in his 10th season. How is it that this guy year in and year out has some of the best athletes in the county (as proven by the overall success of the sports program) but has had only four winning seasons out of 10 and has the losing record that he does?

* While we still are researching his career record and have found discrepancies, did you know that South River's Kenny Dunn, who has just over 100 wins, is not far from 200 losses?

* When you consider that only six guys have winning records, does it make you appreciate more the job they do?

* Also, did you know that Albright has the most state championships with four, and that Brady is the only other activecoach to win one?


* If you put one of those guys at a school likeDeMatha, where you can recruit full-throttle, wouldn't they, too, have 959 wins in 35 years as the Stags' Morgan Wootten does?

* During this budget crisis that has resulted in the proposal to cut coaches' salaries, how much money could the county save by paying only the basketball coaches who win or whose performance warrants it?

* Are these your Class 4A Region playoff teams again come March: Annapolis,Broadneck, Meade, Old Mill, Glen Burnie and LaPlata?

* How good will Glen Burnie's 6-foot-6 junior center Jamal Forbes get this year?

* Is South River headed for big things in Class 3A with Lee, Hall and cast?

* Will senior guard Gene Pleyo have enough help around him to get Northeast back to the 2A playoffs along with Southern?


*Doesn't Southern look stronger on paper in terms of experience and quickness than Northeast, with seniors Mike Eicens (6-3), Jesse Marks (6-1) and Troy Dennis (6-0)?

* Won't Coach Jim Doyle's Severn School hoop team (14-7 last year) be fun to watch with Brad Fowler, JasonMoran, Mike Fisher and Jake Mack?

* Did you know that because theJan. 3 furlough day is going to make it difficult to reschedule the crucial Broadneck at Annapolis game that the two schools are looking into playing the game at the U.S. Naval Academy?

* Finally, after printing the comments of a local sports fan who said on the 24-hour Sportsline that most of the county coaches "teach only three classes aday" while making in the upper 50s, did you know that Coach Johnny Barbour wants anyone who can give him a lead on such a job to call himat Northeast High in Pasadena?