From: Laura Green

County Republican Party


Kimberly McCoy

County Democratic Party


The Anne Arundel County Republican Party and the Anne Arundel County Democratic Party have pledged to work together in an effort to legally fight for the interests of the residents of Anne Arundel County in our right to be the heart of one congressional district.

The congressional redistricting process has split our county into four pieces, none of which is the majority of a congressional district. The effect of this gerrymandering is that Anne Arundel County voters have been disenfranchised fora decade, bereft of a strong congressional voice.

The chairmen ofboth county political parties call on our residents to support our legal battle through the federal court system to restore our county toeffective representation. In order to accomplish this we need your financial support.

All contributions to the Anne Arundel County Bipartisan Citizen's Coalition will be greatly appreciated. Please send your check made out to AACBCC to P.O. Box 465, Linthicum, Md. 21090.

Together as a team we believe the opportunity exists to correct this travesty. Thank you for your support.


From: Joe Cannon



Thanks to the efforts of many people, the surplus land at Fort Meade has been transferred to the Fish and WildlifeService and will be used for programs that comply with their mission.

Public access of this land falls within the mission and that thecitizens of western Anne Arundel County should begin to lobby their federal, state, and local officials to ensure that this happens. Thisis an ideal situation for joint effort between Anne Arundel County and the Fish and Wildlife Service to locate a West Arundel Regional Park on some of this property.

This park could have open space, nature trails (some paved, so handicapped citizens and parents with baby strollers could utilize them), comfort stations, camp areas with tentsites and cabins for Boy Scout/Girl Scout or similar organizations' use, some recreational facilities, park ranger areas, and so on. All of these could be placed throughout the areas involved with minimum impact. There is no other land in western Anne Arundel County of sufficient size for a regional park and it is imperative that citizens whofeel as I do be heard.

We all know that with the current economicsituation, nothing will happen overnight, and that it will be several years before sufficient funds will be available. However, a commitment from the Fish and Wildlife Service could be obtained quickly, so a plan could be developed that would benefit the citizens of western Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas and which would be compatible with the mission of the Fish & Wildlife Service.

If you feel as I do, please contact your federal, state and local officials andmake your views known. Our children, grandchildren and future generations will benefit from our efforts.

Editors' note: The writer is the chairman of the Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks CitizensAdvisory Board.