Of Magic and unfairnessMagic Johnson, a gifted...

Of Magic and unfairness

Magic Johnson, a gifted and wonderful person, has the AIDS virus. While this news saddens me, the reaction of the general public and media makes me want to spit. Mike Littwin writes in his column that "we now have a working definition for the concept that life is unfair." Where has he been for the past 10 years? If you want to see how unfair life can be when it comes to the AIDS virus, then go take a look at the AIDS Quilt. There you can see a small sampling of the thousands of wonderful, talented people who have died from the same virus.


I feel as though there has been a collective moan of "Oh, no! Not one of us." Hasn't anyone been paying attention while "they" have been dying for the past 10 years? Ten years! We have been dying for 10 years.

Richard F. Messick



Great decoy

That was the greatest World Series that I have ever witnessed. However, there is one play that will always remain in the back of my mind. Imagine a seasoned veteran falling for the old decoy play, pulled off by a rookie.

Shame on you, Lonnie Smith; nice play, Chuck Knoblauch. That may have been the biggest play of your life.

James Healey


Disgusted with Blast

I very much resent the latest advertising promotion by the Baltimore Blast of the Major Soccer League. I was a part of a small handful of media who accompanied soon-to-be Blast officials 10 years ago on a trip to Philadelphia to preview indoor soccer for a possible expansion team for Baltimore.


I've seen some top professional athletes come and go in a whirlwind-like atmosphere by the current Blast ownership. Whether it's a business or not, the way they have treated hometown favorite Tim Wittman sickens and angers me.

Amid salary disputes and rumors circulated by former and current team officials regarding Wittman's physical condition, loyalty to his teammates and to the city of Baltimore, he was summarily let go after several knee operations and other assorted injuries, all while devoting much of his free time to personal appearances.

San Diego, perennial league champion and the team that grabbed Wittman, visited here last night, and the unprofessional Blast officials used Wittman as a promotional device to attract indoor soccer fans.

As a longtime indoor soccer fan as well as a fan of Tim Wittman, I despise these business tactics.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills


We love Brooks

This is in regard to the letter from George W. Schruefer Nov. 3. What, are you nuts? Anyone who would call Brooks Robinson a jerk obviously knows nothing about baseball or humanity. He should be sent to the moon or another place that knows nothing about baseball.

Though I've never met Brooks, I've followed his career on and off the field. He is one of the nicest, congenial and most-loved people and players ever to play for the Orioles.

This man has done more than his share for the fans in Baltimore and the surrounding areas, and his knowledge of the game is more than Schruefer could ever dream of.

So this is one Brooksie fan that would like to say goodbye to Schruefer. Maybe New York is the place for you.

Sam Falise



It's the moment that counts

In response to George Schruefer's letter of Nov. 3, what a way to rain on a parade! Mr. Schruefer, you've overlooked the situation by looking at the small things. It didn't matter what someone said or did, because it was an emotional moment!

It was appropriate for Johnny Unitas to throw out the first pitch because he was one of the stadium's immortals. It would be inappropriate for him not to be part of the festivities.

And is Channel 2 supposed to go your way? Do you have any control over it? Do you appreciate uniqueness?

And to call Brooks Robinson a jerk! Do you understand who you are insulting? To be calling a Hall of Famer a jerk is just about a sin. Jeers to your letter, Mr. Schruefer.


Peter Ulanowicz

Port Republic