Orioles should put Candiotti's name on next big check


Opinion: If I'm spending the Orioles' free-agent money, I go after Tom Candiotti now. (Innings, innings, innings!)

Fact: Mike Devereaux hit more home runs than Bobby Bonilla in 1991.

Opinion: If I'm a general manager and Bobby Bonilla costs $25 million, I say no thanks.

Fact: The New York Giants haven't beaten a team with a winning record this season.

Opinion: When healthy, Jim McMahon has been as good as any NFL quarterback this season.

Fact: Only five of the 14 NFL teams that started 10-0 went on to win the title.

Opinion: The Redskins will make it six of 15. Over Buffalo in the Supe.

Fact: 378 of the 650 major-league players on the 1991 Opening Day rosters had guaranteed salaries of at least $1 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Opinion: Florida State 27, Miami 24.

Fact: The betting line on Saturday's Dartmouth-Brown game has moved 11 1/2 points toward Dartmouth this week.

Opinion: College football's top 5 (in order): Florida State, Miami, Florida, Penn State, Washington.

Fact: The University of North Carolina women's soccer team has a 111-0-2 lifetime home record.

Opinion: The 49ers (down six games from this time a year ago) blew it big time when they let Ronnie Lott go Plan B.

Fact: Says golf megamasher John Daly, "Just grip it and rip it."

Opinion: It will be a major shock if Cal Ripken doesn't win MVP when it is announced Tuesday.

Fact: The Redskins have outscored opponents by 216-37 at RFK Stadium this year.

Opinion: The Heisman race is over. Desmond Howard. Period.

Fact: Rob Deer earned $2 million for batting .179 with 175 strikeouts in 1991.

Opinion: I'm glad Glenn Davis is all signed up, but I have trouble accepting him as a hero for taking a pay cut when he'll get $6 million if he never swings a bat.

Fact: Notre Dame has played in eight of the 25 previous games matching teams ranked 1 and 2 in the polls (and gone 5-2-1).

Opinion: It's time for a rookie wage scale in the NBA when a team (the Nets) has to cut two players to pay some kid (Kenny Anderson) who might be good.

Fact: Nancy Lieberman, 33, will try out for the 1992 Olympic basketball team.

Opinion: Rockets over the Bulls in the NBA Finals. (Yeah, that's right.)

Fact: The Redskins have the Chargers' No. 1 pick, so they could win the Supe and pick first in the draft if the Chargers really fall apart.

Opinion: I'm a teeny-weeny itty-bitty bit worried that the Broncos might somehow make it back to the Super Bowl.

Fact: Mark Rypien has been sacked -- whaaat? -- just four times all season.

Opinion: You know the NFL is mass-producing mediocrity when the Jets complain that complacency kept them from beating the Colts.

Fact: ESPN reports that the number of nationally televised boxing bouts has dropped from 38 in 1990 to six in 1991.

Opinion: Seems like the Chargers and Seahawks have played each other six times.

Fact: The last NFL quarterback to throw 7 touchdown passes in a game was Joe Kapp, 22 years ago, against the Colts.

Opinion: Jerrod Mustaf, grabbing more bench in Phoenix, is probably starting to realize everyone was right when they said he should stay in school.

Fact: When the Colts won on Sunday, it was Rick Venturi's first win as a head coach in 138 months. (Since his Northwestern team beat Wyoming in September 1979.)

Opinion: When the Caps beat Montreal in the Forum, you start thinking maybe they're for real.

Fact: NBC will broadcast the first nationally televised game between black schools when Grambling and Southern play Nov. 30.

Opinion: You want to see the recession hitting sports, look at the attendance figures in the hockey box scores.

Fact: Sean Landeta is having his first off year, ranked 17th among NFL punters.

Opinion: If hometown hero Jack Morris gets offered a penny more from some team other than the Twins, he's gone.

Fact: Offensive coordinator Joe Walton, not Chuck Noll, calls the plays for the Steelers.

Opinion: I'm still trying to figure out why landlocked San Jose called its NHL team the Sharks . . .

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