Remembering DurocherAs a transplanted Brooklyn (not Los...


Remembering Durocher

As a transplanted Brooklyn (not Los Angeles) Dodgers fan, I was touched by The Sun article about the death of Leo Durocher. Lippy Leo was not unlike Earl Weaver in his fiery, aggressive approach to managing, and some of their teams were also similar -- that is, they needed something besides heavy hitting (which they often lacked) to win games.

Durocher was a playing manager in the 1940s, a flashy shortstop who covered lots of ground and made incredible plays. He soon gave over to Pee Wee Reese and then rarely played. But, as manager, Leo had his players scrambling around the bases any way they could, stealing signs, stealing bases, forcing errors and -- unlike Weaver's players -- bunting! It wasn't "I don't want to take the bat off their shoulders," but "get the man in scoring position and prevent the double play."

The bravest thing I ever saw Durocher do came after he hadn't played in months. The Dodgers were fighting the Cardinals, as usual, for the pennant. They were tied in a late-season game in the ninth inning, one out and a man on third. Dramatically, Leo inserted himself in the lineup as a pinch hitter, and, with the first pitch, laid down a perfect bunt and squeezed in the winning run. That decribes him and his personality better than anything I can think of.

Rex Barney and Hal Gregg came to Ebbets Field a couple of years later; they were about 18-19 years old. I saw them pitch in a doubleheader and both win their first games for Brooklyn, happily on my birthday. We Dodgers fans have our memories, too.

Virginia L. Bennett



Nothing wrong with name

I suggest that the time has come for John Eisenberg to stop bashing the new stadium name as redundant and unoriginal in an effort to still influence fans to refer to the park by the name of his choice.

As a journalist, Eisenberg is also a literalist, and, as such, should realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong in the name Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Agreed, the name is unwieldy, but a verbatim reading of the wording clearly says the name of the ballpark is Oriole Park, and it is located at Camden Yards. What's the big deal? The name Oriole Park has a great baseball identity, and, in time, will rank with Yankee Stadium, Tiger Stadium, Dodger Stadium and the like.

If Baltimore gets an NFL franchise and builds a football facility called "Colts (?) Stadium at Camden Yards," presumably, we can then expect Eisenberg again to ignore the team name and refer to the stadium as "Camden Yards No. 2." Great thinking. Talk about redundancy and lack of originality. How about confusing?

Bob Hauk


Put sports on sports pages

When I opened my Sun of Oct. 20, I looked for the sports section, but found instead the latest racial protest reports.

The Sunpapers (all editions) are leftist, politically correct newspapers. I live with this in the regular news sections so that I may filter out some news of our local, national and world happenings. I have no choice -- there are no other local newspapers of substance published in our area. But please leave the sports section alone. Mike Littwin and John Eisenberg are politically correct weeping willies who belong on the editorial pages of the Daily Worker, not on any sports page.

Henry E. West

Bel Air


Jeers on final day

Jeers to the Orioles for giving the honor of performing the national anthem before the last game at Memorial Stadium to the Baltimore Colts Marching Band instead of a singer.

Jeers also to the Orioles for allowing John Unitas to throw out a ceremonial first pitch. It was inappropriate for a football star to perform this honor. It would be like having Earl Weaver toss the coin before the Super Bowl.

Jeers to Channel 2 for televising the final game and for allowing a jerk like Brooks Robinson to ruin the game coverage. Will somebody remind Channel 2 that Robinson is not allowed to say, "This telecast is presented by authority of the Orioles . . . " because he is not the play-by-play announcer. Only the play-by-play announcer is supposed to read any disclaimers, read promos, give the starting lineups, as on telecasts of other teams. The commentator's talking should be limited to analysis of the game.

This is why I turned off the game. I definitely will not watch any Orioles games on Channel 2 in 1992 or 1993, and this goes for the first game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Hopefully, in

1994 the Orioles will move to another station.

George W. Schruefer



Give Wyche a break

I am writing because I am outraged by the prejudiced comments made by Vito Stellino against Cincinnati Bengals coach Sam Wyche. Stellino is just one of many to ridicule Wyche for his statements about fans' taking football too seriously. Wyche finally said what should have been said long ago.

Some would criticize Wyche for waiting until his team is 0-7 to discuss this topic. But is it all Wyche's fault? Remember, the Bengals almost won Super Bowl XXIII under him. He's keeping a good attitude about the situation. He's taking the rap for being honest, and he deserves to be admired for taking such a risk and living with the consequences.

And by the way, since Stellino knows so much, why doesn't he counsel Wyche on how to help his team? Come on, Vito, let's see you coach these guys. What's your excuse?

Jay Davies


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