Haunting fare pops up everywhere.



* Halloween Haunting, Part One: Give the Fox network credit for the best-titled holiday special of this horror saturated week: "Frankenstein: The College Years."

It's at 8 tonight, and note that the Big Monster On Campus is played by William Ragsdale, who stars in the Fox series "Herman's Head."

* Halloween Haunting, Part Two: And give actress Rhea Perlman (Carla from "Cheers") credit for the best makeup job in tonight's CBS special "The Last Halloween" (at 8:30, Channel 11).

She looks just like Elsa Lanchester from the great "The Bride of Frankenstein" (1935), playing opposite monster Richard Moll (bailiff Bull on "Night Court") in a semi-animated half-hour from Hanna Barbera Productions.

And speaking of that 1935 sequel to the original "Frankenstein" (1931), which some critics think surpassed the first film, Media Monitor has found one TV screening of it this week: at 8:30 p.m. on Halloween (Thursday) on the American Movie Classics service (unfortunately not carried by all area cable systems).

* While spreading credit around, give some to CBS Sports and particularly announcers Jack Buck and Tim McCarver for understanding that baseball is a game best appreciated without too much commentary.

Time and again during the league championships and the World Series, the two simply shut up and let pictures and the roar of the crowd carry us along. And when he did make comment, color man McCarver, a former big league catcher, usually had something worthwhile and authoritative to say.

But on the debit side, does anybody think that Dodgers manager Tom Lasorda added much to the broadcast?

* "Script Writing and Comedy" is the topic of a public talk scheduled tomorrow in Baltimore by Dick George, the creator and head writer of "Crabs." The six-season Maryland Public Television comedy revue was canceled by MPT last spring, and George recently fell victim to layoffs at MPT.

The speech is at 1 p.m. at First English Lutheran Church, 3807 North Charles St., and is sponsored by the Baltimore branch of The National League of American Pen Women. Admission is $2 for non-members. Call 655-3222.

* Concerned about children's programming on TV? The influential Action for Children's Television organization has just released a 15-minute video to help communities become involved in assuring local broadcasters comply with the new Children's Television Act.

The video primer (VHS) is available for $40, and proceeds pay for print materials accompanying ACT's Choices for Children campaign. Write: Action for Children's Television, 20 University Road, Cambridge, Mass. 02138.

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