Clearing out notes on work


Some people rake leaves in the fall; others clean out th garage; this writer clears out a folder marked "Workplace Hints" and presents some today:

NOTES & QUOTES: "The business you get counts, sure, but not as much as the business you hold." (Malcolm Forbes Sr.) . . . "Chronic grumblers are often concerned, valuable people who need their energies channeled into making things better. They want to be heard. Be sure to listen, overcome the urge to argue, ask many questions and negotiate a workable solution if there is one." (Executive Female) . . . "A recent study of 17,000 men showed that those whose jobs involve physical activity were lower cancer risks than those with sedentary jobs." (Missouri Cancer Registry) . . . "Rev up a stalled career by moving to a smaller, faster-growing organization, or by creating a new job in your present firm." (Kennedy's Career Strategist).

GOING IT ALONE? "Executives are often tempted to make decisions on their own, bypassing difficulties inherent in group decision making," says "Smart Moves," by Sam Deep and Lyle Sussman. The book adds, "still, there are situations in which bringing colleagues or staff members into the process can be a )) big help. Consult others when creativity is needed, acceptance of a solution by group members is crucial, the problem is complex, a manager wants subordinates to feel part of the process, the leader needs feedback, etc." Note: Someone once told me, "People tend to support what they create."

SWEATY PALMS: "When it comes to public speaking, knowledge of your subject alone won't make a presentation memorable," says Working Woman, September issue. Excerpts: "Start with a controversial statement to grab attention. People will always hold out to see how on earth you're going to support it. Also, using slides, videos or product demonstrations saves you lots of tedious explaining and helps the audience get excited about your topic. Further, try not to write out a speech, memorize one or read from notes. It's most convincing when you speak to the public as if it's one-on-one."

LOOKING AHEAD: Wednesday, 12:15 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m, I'll talk business and money with you, WBAL Radio. . . . Friday, a special panel of experts discusses the economy on "Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser." . . . Sunday, Oct. 27, Eastern Standard Time returns; be sure to get new Amtrak and airline timetables as some schedules change. To receive a monthly BWI "Flight Guide," phone 301-859-7034. Carry it when you travel. . . . To learn more about Circuit City stores, join your broker at Security Analysts meeting, Tuesday, Oct. 29, Sheraton Downtown at noon.

AUTUMN LEAVES: "Two major qualities that job interviewers look for are drive and goal-orientation." ("Knock 'em Dead" by Martin Yate) . . . Regarding the above, National Business Employment Weekly says that hiring is expected to pick up this winter. . . . "Allow for at least 25 percent excess capacity -- phones and phone lines -- when installing a new system, since it should last at least five years. If you plan on growing faster, purchase even more capacity up front." (INC, October) . . . "Phone-card-number thieves look over your shoulder to get your AT&T; code, then run up huge bills. Protection: use a phone away from other people." (Direct Marketing Consultants) . . . "Everyone lives by selling something." (Robert Louis Stevenson) .

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