Donna Hamilton's worldly women



* Deja Vu, Part One: Yes, that is Donna Hamilton you may be seeing in a series of 60-second informational spots which are now showing periodically on cable's Discovery Channel.

The former host of WJZ-Channel 13's "Evening Magazine," who left the station earlier this year to work in her own production company, taped 10 "Women of the World" segments exploring the evolving roles of women in India, Japan, Russia, Poland and elsewhere.

* Deja Vu, Part Two: Cable viewers may think that comic Kevin Meaney also looks vaguely familiar in the premiere of his new stand-up show this weekend (at 10 p.m. Saturday on HBO).

Think back, way back to the premiere of last season's new fall shows. Remember "Uncle Buck?" The lame ripoff of the John Candy movie of the same title was on CBS Monday nights, and Meaney was the title character.

Unfortunately, he is not a whole lot funnier in this weekend's "Kevin Meaney in Concert," a taped stage performance from Red Wing, Minn.

Meaney's schtick is whining about his parents, the material of lots of young comics. Yet he tells us he's 35, which seems a bit old to still be working off young resentments.

But there are some moments. Meaney does a terrific Al Jolson, for example, and has a hilarious line about telephone sex that uses some language we last heard on TV in the U.S. Senate chamber during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.

* Deja Vu, Part Three: Now here's a clever idea for packaging reruns of old series. The TBS service on cable today is featuring episodes of older shows in which now big stars made some early guest appearances.

For instance, did you know that Tom Hanks ("Big," "Joe Versus the Volcano," etc.) did a spot on "Happy Days" (screened at 5:05 p.m.)? He was a martial arts expert who took on the Fonz (Henry Winkler).

"Tonight Show" host-designate Jay Leno once appeared on "Good Times" (at 5:35 p.m.), Jack Nicholson was on "The Andy Griffith Show" (in an episode titled "Opie Finds a Baby," at 6:35 p.m.), and Rob Reiner was in a "Beverly Hillbillies" (at 7:05 p.m.).

* Maryland Public Television has rescheduled a documentary special about impressionist artist Claude Monet which was pre-empted last weekend for coverage of the Thomas hearings. "Monet: Legacy of Light," can be seen at 6 p.m. Saturday. In addition, one-minute live reports from the opening of the Monet exhibit at the Baltimore Museum of Art will air periodically from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday.

* Radio note: Radio personality Sir Johnny O, billed as the "Velvet Voice" and one of the founders (in the 1960s) of WWIN radio, the first 24-hour black station in town, is back on the air in Baltimore at WEBB-AM 1360.

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