* Saturday: Great Allegany Run 15-K, 5-K,...


* Saturday: Great Allegany Run 15-K, 5-K, Cumberland, 8 a.m., 729-3088; A Place for Your Pace, Peerce's Plantation, 8 a.m.; RASAC Obstacle Course 5-K, Aberdeen Proving Ground, 9 a.m., 836-8872; Market Street Mile, Frederick; Sykesville 5-K, 9 a.m., 795-4843; Chinmoy 2-miler, Patterson Park, 8 a.m., 467-3223; MCRRC 5-K, Bethesda, 8 a.m., 353-0200.

* Sunday: Glen Burnie/B&A; Trail 10-K, Severna Park High, 9 a.m., 787-4367; BRRC 15-mile championship, Ashland, 8 a.m., 566-RUN2; RASAC Women's Distance Festival, Belcamp, 9 a.m.; Georgetown 10-K, Washington.

* Future book: Quaker 5-miler, Oct. 12; Garrett County Festival 10-K, Oct. 12; Toy Run, Oct. 12; Foliage Classic 5-K, Oct. 12; Columbus Chase 10-K, Oct. 13; Annapolis Metric Marathon, Oct. 13; Bachman Valley half-marathon, Oct. 13; Seagull Classic 8-K, Oct. 13; Hometown Hero 5-K, Chestertown, Oct. 19; Fifth Avenue Mile, Oct. 19; Piney Orchard 5-K and biathlon, Oct. 27; Greater Dundalk 10-K, Nov. 24; North Central Railroad Trail Marathon, Nov. 30.

* Marathons: Johnstown (Pa.) and Twin Cities, Sunday. Richmond, Oct. 20; Chicago, Oct. 27; Marine Corps, Washington, Nov. 3; New York City, Nov. 3.

* News and notes: Brad Uhlander (24:49) and Gillian Horovitz (28:06) never looked back at the Zoo Zoom. Horovitz's maiden name was Adams and she was of world-class quality in her native Great Britain a decade ago.

Jim Hage (30:42) and Claudia Kasem (36:01) took the United Way 10-K. . . Chalk up the Fritzbe 10-K to Ron Kulik (31:43) and Heidi Gerken (36:03). . . A DCRRC 20-mile field was loaded last weekend with Dom DaLuz (1:52:11) and Senoria Clarke (2:16:28) showing the way . . . Mike Sheely (remember him?) surfaced and took a 2-miler in Edgewood in 9:35 . . . Meanwhile, in Churchville, Jim Otte (1:19:13) and Lydia Johnson (1:48:46) claimed the Harmony half-marathon . . . Dave Lowe (28:21) and Liuda Galinaitis prevailed at the Union Mills 8-K.

Best marathon of last weekend was Steve Brace of Wales winning in Berlin in 2:10:57; Kim Jones (2:27:50) ran her string of runner-up finishes to about a thousand on the women's side . . . Janis Klecker blitzed a 5-K in 16:22 at the Freihofer's women's race in Syracuse . . . Judi St. Hilaire (31:17) and Juan Quintanilla (27:43) left the field gasping at the Great Race in Pittsburgh.

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