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A letter published Monday was written by...


A letter published Monday was written by Jay Mack and John Wilson of Finksburg. We erroneously printed the wrong first name for Ms. Mack.

Let the people vote on aid to Israel

Georgia Ann Geyer's Sept. 18 column, "Helping Israel avoid delusion," merits comment.

Both Congress and President Bush offer the excuse (not the answer) that the reason there is no aid available to help the poor, the homeless, our decaying cities and to meet other national and local needs is that there is no money.

Yet, year after year, we open the spigot and given billions in aid to Israel a process that has continued unabated for more than 40 years. There are other places in the world that require our assistance. And this country needs help too.

I would like to see a national referendum on aid to Israel (in which the Israeli lobby would not have the influence it does in Congress). I am willing to wager there would be an overwhelming vote to cut off the aid or reduce it substantially.

Richard L. Lelonek


The hidden crime

Incest is a frequent news item because it's so prevalent in society. It is a family tragedy that causes physical and emotional pain for the victim and emotional pain for the entire family. It has long been shrouded in secrecy and fear, which prevented healing and legal action against the perpetrator.

When an incest victim speaks out about the incest, the typical family response is denial and anger toward the victim. Denial is part of the family dynamics and illness that caused the tragedy.

Nothing can be changed until it is faced. The wounds of the incest can be healed when treatment is sought by the victim, family and perpetrator. Denying or ignoring its existence just allows it to continue. Only by reporting it and obtaining therapy can the family and the perpetrator begin healing.

Signe Lauren


A memorial forever

Now that "expert consultants" have come up with the not-so-unique idea of tearing down the stadium and replacing an historical landmark with modern offices, housing and malls (Evening Sun, Sept. 17), there can be only one name given to the new ballpark at Camden Yards the same name of honor and distinction which the old stadium bears.

Memorial Stadium was so named because it was designated by the mayor, the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland to serve as a "memorial to all who so valiantly fought and served in the world wars." The stadium was dedicated "with eternal gratitude to those who made the supreme sacrifice to preserve equality and freedom throughout the world." This message is engraved on the face of Memorial Stadium and it concludes, "Time will not dim the glory of their deeds."

How flagrantly ironic that if the walls of this Baltimore monument crumble, this inscription will crumble along with it. We believe that it is not too late for our deeds to support our words. Let the name, and with it the ethos, live on by keeping the old name for the new stadium. Let the recognition be eternal, as it was originally promised, rather than an epitaph.

$Jack Mack and John Wilson


Settlement dispute

Israel is surrounded by 20 hostile nations. Shamir feels that the West Bank settlements are vital for the security of his people. But at present it might be wiser for the Israelis to erect homes in the Negev Desert than on the West Bank.

The outcome of an international confrontation is not based on who is right or wrong, but on strength. Shamir's advisers should convince him that at this time discretion would be the better part of valor.

Joseph Lerner


Not affordable

A one-bedroom apartment that rents for $675 is not affordable housing by any rational standard. It is about time the politicians -- and businessmen in this country quit insulting the intelligence of the ordinary working people without whose underpaid services they would not enjoy their present cushy existence.

Katherine W. Rylaarsdam


Poetic justice

In response to the Sept. 18 "Polimerick" by George Neff Lucas:

So what do we do with the Reds

That we chased from under our beds?

Of course now it's done

And the right guys have won,

They say it was all in our heads.

David Fletcher

White Hall

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