Can you place these slogans?


Many local businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on advertising slogans. How many of these can you identify? (Answers below).

(a) Where service is state of the art.

(b) If it matters to you, it matters to us.

(c) Cheapest guy in town.

(d) The quality carpet people.

(e) Especially for you.

(f) Putting the biggest bank to work for you.

(g) We're more than just talk.

(h) It's good business to do business where business is good.

(i) Your 24-hour news station.

LOCAL LINE: Black & Decker, Martin Marietta, Chesapeake Corp., Giant Food, Hechinger, Marriott, Ryland Homes, Washington REIT and many other local area firms are covered in Legg Mason's new Mid-Atlantic Review, which Gerald Scheinker will send you . . . "If you've been thinking about refinancing your home mortgage, you may want to act now, while mortgage rates are still below the 10 percent level." (Peat Marwick Taxletter, which the firm will send you. Phone 783-8300) . . . "Three forbidden phrases to use on the telephone: (1) 'I don't know.' (Say, 'That's a good question; let me find out.'); (2) 'We can't do that.' (Replace with, 'Let me see what we can do.'); (3) 'No' at the beginning of a sentence. (It's a word that conveys total rejection. Begin with a positive response.)" (Baltimore Better Business Bureau Bulletin)

TOP FIRMS: Here are some of the "Best Companies for Working Mothers" from Working Mother magazine, October. (Of the 85 listed, I've tried first to select some with local branches, outlets and employment opportunities): AT&T;, Aetna, Arthur Andersen, Citibank, DuPont, Honeywell, IBM, IDS, Marriott, Mass Mutual, 3M, Pitney Bowes, Procter & Gamble, the Prudential, the Travelers, Westinghouse, Xerox. The issue ($1.95) is worth buying.

QUIZ ANSWERS: (a) Circuit City; (b) The Baltimore Sun; (c) Luskin's; (d) Standard Carpet; (e) Hecht Co.; (f) Maryland National Bank; (g) Bell Atlantic; (h) Fox Chevrolet; (i) WBAL-TV.

WORKPLACE HEALTH: "Nappers have healthier hearts. Men who napped at least 30 minutes a day were 30 percent less likely to have heart problems than those who didn't." (University of Athens, Greece, Medical School study).

MONTH-ENDERS: "For optimum product marketing with the least expense, add a public relations campaign, getting the word out about your products with a fraction of advertising cost." (Management Review) . . . "In 1990 alone, sales from franchised ** business services surged 14.4 percent." (Success, October) . . . "Service Comes First: An Interview with an Insurance Executive" in Harvard Business Review, September-October, is worth reading . . . "Your pension plan is one of your biggest assets; to get the most from retirement benefits, take time to learn their details and complexities. Ask where you work." (Foster Higgins, benefit consulting firm, New York) . . . "How come everybody notices when you're late for work, but nobody notices when you work late?" (Leadership, Oct. 1) . . . "There is one thing to be said for living in the past; it's cheaper." (Bits & Pieces) . . . "The trouble with being a good sport is that you have to lose to prove it." (CNN News).

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