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Backbone Mountain, Barbara Fritchie, Canada geese, the Ripkens


Q: Blackbone Mountain in Garrett County is Maryland's highest point at 3,360 feet. It is part of what major mountain chain?

Q: Many Maryland rivers are named for Indian tribes. One is the Susquehanna, which begins in New York. As it enters Chesapeake Bay, it forms the boundary between what two Maryland counties?

Q: What central Maryland city was the site of Stonewall Jackson's reputed Civil War encounter with Barbara Frit?

Q: The single bloodiest battle of the Civil War was fought near Sharpsburg in WEstern Maryland. The battle shares the name of what creek that flows through the area?

Q: Fort McHenry, famous for defending Baltimore from the British, is near the entrance of what river?

Q: Canada geese in large numbers spend the winter in a national wildlife refuge in Dorchester County in Maryland's Eastern Shore. Name the refuge.

Q: Baseball's Ripken family grew up near Rising Sun in what Maryland County?

Q: Early Maryland settlers used falling streams for power in grinding grain. The Shriver family homestead and mill is today a museum in What Carroll County town?

Q: Maryland Day is celebrated on March 25 to honor the first Maryland colonists who landed on St. Clement's Island in 1634. This island is located on the mouth of what river? Hint: The river forms the boundary between Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

Q: Which two Eastern Shore counties do not border the Chesapeake Bay?

Q: During the French and Indian war, George Washington commanded Virginia militia stationed in what Western Maryland city?

Q: Maryland's largest freshwater lake is man-made. It's in Garrett County. Can you name it?

Q: The city had its own tea tax protest in 1774 when the ship Peggy Stewart and its tea cargo were burned in the harbor, which now attracts recreational sailors and Navy officers. Can you name the city?

Q: To get from Baltimore to Ocean City, most Marylanders choose the Bay Bridge. When you leave the Western Shore, you leave Anne Arundel County. What Eastern Shore county do you enter on the other side?

Q: This Chesapeake Bay Island was name in 1608 by the discoverer of Virginia. The discoverer is famous for his meeting with the Indian princess Pocahontas. Name the island.

ANSWERS The Appalachians. Harford and Cecil counties. Frederick Antietam Patapsco. Blackwater. Cecil. Union Mills. Potomac River. Caroline and Worcester counties. Cumberland. Deep Creek Lake. Annapolis. Queen Anne's County. Smith Island.

The sources of many Maryland names are long-forgotten. Still, the name offer a hint to local history, a description of the site's shape or a memorial to the sentiments of the people who once were there. Several examples are on the map.

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