Maryland contractsThis is a weekly summary of...


Maryland contracts

This is a weekly summary of selected prime contracts recently awarded by the federal government to companies and other vendors in Maryland.

Westinghouse Electric Corp. in Linthicum won a $25,488,000 contract from the Air Force to provide six enhanced ultra-low sidelobe antenna modification kits for the AN/TPS-43E ground radar systems.

Fairchild Space and Defense Corp. in Germantown won $14,923,143 contract from the Pentagon to provide SPAS III follow-on refurbishment and integration.

Jowett Inc. in Clinton won a $6,923,000 contract from the Navy tprovide a space surveillance facility at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Va.

The Gassman Corp. in Silver Spring won a $6,460,000 contracfrom the Navy to provide an electro-optics research laboratory at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington.

Vitro Corp. in Silver Spring won a $3,028,657 contract from thNavy toprovide operation and/or maintenance of government-owned facilities.

Bell Atlanticom Systems Inc. in Silver Spring won an $899,74contract from the Navy to provide digital switching systems.

Robotic Systems Technology in Hampstead won a $668,40contract from the Air Force to provide RRR crater site characterization.

Fairchild Defense in Germantown won a $247,929 contract frothe Air Force to provide graphics assemblies.

G. W. Mechanical Contractors Inc. in Upper Marlboro won $164,800 contract from the National Naval Medical Center to repair the HVAC in Building 18.

Red Beard Construction in Germantown won a $149,80contract from the Navy to provide a metal building adjacent to Building A-100 at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington.

Defense research contracts

The John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel won a $7,260,000 contract from the Navy to provide research, development, engineering and technical services in support of tactical/strategic systems, space science, geophysics, biophysics and micro-electronics.

Non-defense contracts

A.S. McGaughan Co. in Bethesda won a $3,193,900 contract from the General Services Administration for phase 2 renovations of the Veterans Administration Building.

Photocraft in Gaithersburg won a $2,469,520 contract from thU.S. Department of Agriculture to provide art services production.

Survey Research Associates Inc. in Baltimore won a $1,982,000 contract from the National Cancer Institute to provide support services for clinical epidemiologic studies.

Applied Research Corp. in Landover won an $877,471 contracfrom the Goddard Space Flight Center to provide science

support for data analysis centers.

Motorola Inc. in Landover won an $863,065 contract from thTreasury Department to provide key management controllers.

Gray Graphics in Brentwood won a $494,386 contract from thGovernment Printing Office to provide printing services.

CODA Inc. in Silver Spring won a $203,000 contract from thNational Cancer Institute for an extended evaluation of the mortality experience of workers at Hill Air Force Base.

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